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  1. Hi guys do you know how important having experience working with OTs is? I have hospital and medical clinic and research experience but never actually worked with an OT.
  2. Hi There is a lot of info on how a gap year after undergrad could help with med school application but I couldn't find anything on what happens if I take a gap year after 3rd year to study for MCAT and apply for med school in the summer before I do my 4th year. Would that gap be viewed negatively?
  3. I was wondering the same thing.
  4. Hi, how do I get more info on what to expect on the test day? Like how many breaks are there? Can I get a tour of the test centre the day before? Is everyone going to be sitting in one huge room?
  5. Thank you for your help. Where can I see what the different extracurricular sections are?
  6. Where do ecs come into play? for the personal statement and interview?
  7. Hi, Do you have to write casper on a specific date for each school or do you write just one for all the schools you apply to? I believe only Ottawa , Mcmaster and Dalhousie look at casper, is that correct?
  8. Hi, Do I need any shadowing or Ec's for Western?
  9. Hi, How does UWO look at the different sections of DAT?
  10. Hi, is it true that dental schools compare your DAT score to everyone else who wrote the same exam? I'm specifically looking at UWO If so, which one do people tend to score higher on? I've heard the Feb one because most people just write the Nov one to get a feel for the exam and then actually study for the one in February. What do you guys think?
  11. Hi, I know for Western 3 of the courses must be at the 3rd year level but I was wondering if if this is a requirement that you're fine as long as you take 3 3rd year courses or does it make my application more competitive if I take all 3rd year courses in my 3rd year? And do other schools care if I take 1.5/5 second year courses in my 3rd year or is it just Western and U of T?
  12. Thank you. When would they let you know what GPA you need to maintain? Is it after you receive your offer of admission?
  13. Hey guys I'll be applying after my third year and I was just wondering how important my 4th year marks are (especially for Ontario med schools) as I know they're not used in the GPA calculation.
  14. Doesn't OMSAS want us to assign a failed grade for W in the post secondary education section? This has got me really worried.
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