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  1. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Does anybody know how UBC is weighing the interview this year? It used to say 50/50 GPA and interview, but that has been removed from their website, I think.
  2. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    I received my invite at 12:15PM BC time
  3. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Mine is at 1PM as well
  4. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Just got my invite!
  5. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    I wonder how the CASPer might affect GPA cutoff
  6. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Nothing over here yet :/
  7. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Also do you know if it’s true that the lowest UBC % applicable to a grade (A = 85) is made to convert GPA to %? My school uses A = 90-92% so it puts me at a huge disadvantage (my gpa goes from around a 89-90% down to an 81%). I know you probably don’t but figured it was worth asking!
  8. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    Does anybody know how the CASPer is being used? And are they actually taking our extracurriculars and experience into account? I feel like it is still largely GPA based, but I can't find anything on their site.
  9. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC PT 2019

    I'm not sure how it translates to a % for UBC but I'm about a 3.80 for my sGPA!
  10. Hi all, Thought it could be nice to have a thread for those applying to UBC PT this year, we can post our GPAs if you don't know % (or % if you know it) and questions and stuff! It seems like there is a bit of mystery surrounding UBC grades and interviews and stuff so I thought it would be good to have a thread for it. I am applying with ~3.80 GPA as in province!
  11. HopefullyPT2019

    UBC GPA Conversion

    Thanks that makes me feel a bit better! I will look into that, thank you!
  12. Hi all, I know that this sort of thing has been asked before but in regards to the UBC grade conversion: I am a student at a university in Alberta (U of C) where an A in my degree is a 92%. Typically, a 95% or higher is required for an A+. From what I have heard, for the best estimate, to consider what our % conversion may be from a letter grade to a %, we should take each letter grade and assign it to what UBC's low-end equivalent % to that grade would be? For instance, my A (a 92%+ grade) would then be brought down to be worth only 85%? I have a current GPA of 3.87 in last 10 senior level courses, so I had 90% or higher in many of my classes, but this works out to be (I think) like 85% or less to UBC? This hardly seems fair. My GPA is not terrible, though not as competitive as many of the people on this site, yet I still feel like my chances are extremely slim in applying to UBC in the upcoming cycle due to the difference in grading between my university (U of C) and UBC.
  13. Congratulations on your acceptance!! Do you mind me asking what your UofA sGPA was?