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  1. Would also love to know! I'm meeting tomorrow to sign as well.
  2. Their site is out of date. The infinite passport visa is a new card that only came out a few months ago.
  3. xiphoid

    Very Low GPA

    I'd also just like to add that research does not make up for a low GPA, especially at schools that have a sequential file review process. If they've set a certain GPA and MCAT cut off for that year, you essentially have a 0% chance if you're below that cut off regardless if you've got 10 first-author NEJM papers. If you decide to do a second undergrad, focus on your GPA first before spending time and energy on extracurriculars and research.
  4. GPA and MCAT don't factor into the decision for interview invites. It's a computer that automatically screens out people who don't meet the GPA and MCAT cut-off for that year, and then the committee goes through ABS and LORs to determine who gets an interview. One of the people I talked to on their admission committee last year mentioned that they don't even see your GPA or MCAT when they're going through your file for interview invites.
  5. I used the long version of the estimator with the exact same information that I had in my submitted OSAP application, and it estimated that I would get $8,500 more than what they actually determined I qualified for. It was honestly really frightening because I thought I had my finances figured out but all of a sudden, I don't.
  6. The approval for the LOC from the second bank would be conditional on you closing your LOC with the first bank. I think the way it works is you authorize the second bank to act on your behalf, and they'll pay down the LOC to the first bank and then the second bank will open the LOC at their own institution for you.
  7. My guess? When a bank goes to request your credit information, no bank will approve you for another $300k line of credit when they see you already have one.
  8. Does anyone know anyone or have any experience with switching banks once you already have your LOC? I'm debating long-term vs. short-term benefits offered by the banks, and I also know that switching banks is not unheard of but I'd love to chat with someone to see what the general terms are! Every bank has a different redemption schedule. 15,000 RBC points can be redeemed for a flight that is up to $350, while Scotia rewards are redeemed at a value of 1 cent for every 1 point (100 points = $1).
  9. I emailed two different Scotiabank reps (in two different cities) and they both said I wouldn't qualify for the 15,000 bonus points on the Gold Amex, only the 25,000 on the Passport...
  10. I remember hearing from some people that the Visa Infinite Avion came with 35,000 bonus points as well, but according to the RBC website, it only says 15,000. http://www.rbcroyalbank.com/credit-cards/travel-credit-cards/infinite-avion.html Did you have to negotiate for the 30,000 points?
  11. Is this correct for the tangible perks offered by both RBC and Scotiabank standard with their LOC? Am I missing anything? Does anyone know if Scotiabank ever does anything similar to what RBC does with the iPad for new clients? I've been banking with RBC for the past 6 years and without the iPad, Scotiabank's better credit cards and higher value in perks makes so much more sense for me to go with them but I want to make sure I'm not missing out on any new client benefits before I sign! RBC Visa Platinum Avion - 15,000 welcome points ($350 value) [some advisors will offer the Visa Infinite Avion; welcome points remain the same either way] 9.7" iPad ($450 value) [new RBC clients only] Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite - 25,000 bonus points ($250 value) Gold American Express - 15,000 bonus points ($150 value)
  12. xiphoid

    How to do authorship?

    I would definitely discuss this with the profs, ideally the prof that was more involved in your project or Masters since they should be senior author. If it's being sent out to a peer-reviewed journal, authorship should be discussed even if you think it would be "pretty insignificant" to them.
  13. Was just informed that Scotiabank's new LOC is a $300,000 limit.
  14. I think you might be missing the entire purpose of the credit cards and fee waivers... The goal with these perks is the banks are trying to incentivize you to sign your LOC with them instead of another bank. So no, a bank isn't going to offer you premium credit cards with fees waived just because you're a medical student. You'll need to sign a LOC with them. Whether or not you take any money out from that LOC is up to you.
  15. Scotiabank bought MD Financial a few weeks ago so it'll all be under a big bank.