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  1. xiphoid

    Shadowing Experiance

    1. You don't need shadowing experience for med school admissions in Canada. It can help you figure out if medicine is what you want to do, but won't help your application. 2. Shadow a homeopath if you're considering that as a career and want to see what it's like. Do not include it on your application if/when you apply for medical school. 3. Understand that the scope of practice of a homeopath is quite different from that of a physician (even more so from that of a hospitalist).
  2. xiphoid


    Most people who are in the midst of pursuing a MD are likely not interested in the therapies that a ND has to offer. I think it's mostly a selection bias. There are treatments offered by a ND that do provide symptom relief to patients, but I am yet to be convinced it is anything but leveraging the placebo effect. It's not bad per se (if the placebo effect works in relieving someone's pain, then yay for the placebo effect), but I personally have no interest in offering those therapies to any patients. As long as patients are not pursuing naturopathic medicine in lieu of modern/allopathic medicine and the naturopathic medicine itself isn't harmful, then I see nothing wrong with patients going to see a ND on the side. (When they start to believe in the ND over the MD or completely abandon the MD is where I think naturopathy starts to get harmful...) This seems to be the opinion that is shared by many of my med school classmates, which I think partially explains why there are few who hold both a ND and a MD.
  3. xiphoid

    Please switch spots!!!

    Not to mention that you then run into the issue of applicants currently in school having midterms or other exams during weekday interviews, which I personally think would be a far more widespread problem. The way interviews are currently run at Queen's just would not work on a weekday, since first years organize the interview weekends apart from the actual interviewing/MMI. This year's first interview weekend falls right in between our three final exams. You can't just cancel an entire five days of classes for students to do weekday interviews when the schedule is already pretty tight. The entirety of medicine requires individuals to make personal sacrifices. Sometimes it just sucks that the timing happens on a certain day as something else that is very important (e.g. a doctor I worked with in the past missed the birth of his own child and his sibling's wedding because of being on-call/patient deteriorating rapidly), but that's the system you need to consider if you're planning to enter it. I would definitely talk to current clerks, residents and staff who also observe the Sabbath before you make the decision to pursue medicine should you be accepted down the road. While it seems people at other schools have been able to make it work most of the time (again, most, not all), keep in mind that Queen's has a much smaller class size (100 compared to Mac's 206) and therefore fewer clerks to switch with and also fewer clerks to schedule in the first place. If your religion is so important to you (nothing wrong with that, it's a personal opinion), then maybe it's worth considering if the career you think you want to pursue is compatible with what you believe in. (I think that all comes down to personal opinion again - how flexible you want to be with your faith and how much you believe medicine is compatible with your religious practices.)
  4. xiphoid

    Atlantic Bridge

    Ah I see. So you pay to do residency in Ireland? Interesting.
  5. xiphoid

    Atlantic Bridge

    UC Cork is about 12k euros/year according to their website (https://www.ucc.ie/en/media/support/financeoffice/fees/COMHPGrads2019.2020V2.pdf). Just took a look at the Atlantic Bridge site and they list tuition as 43k/year. Not sure why the discrepancy...
  6. xiphoid

    Please switch spots!!!

    yuwu posted in another Queen's thread "I observe the Sabbath (and therefore it's super tricky for me attend). They don't seem to be willing to accommodate me for this." I'd agree that they're probably a very religiously devoted person with something of particular significance that day. That particular significant event just happens to occur once a week. \_O_/
  7. xiphoid

    Cap in number of Electives

    While that's true, there are also very few, if any jobs, where the "ideal" can be as far from what people end up with if they scramble for a residency spot. Someone whose ideal is cardiac surgery or neurosurgery for example is probably going to have a very hard time adjusting to a lifetime of family medicine - very little overlap between some of the specialties in medicine. This is also in the context of hardly ever being able to switch if you end up in a specialty that you don't want to be in unless you abandon medicine altogether, the opportunity cost of at least 3-4 additional years of schooling compared to non-medicine colleagues, the debt from said schooling, etc.
  8. xiphoid

    Cap in number of Electives

    Queen's confirmed it as well. Personally not keen on this cap, but guess there's nothing to be done at this point. Just glad that I'll be the second year with the implementation, not the first.
  9. As far as I'm aware, she hasn't been charged of a crime. She lost her license based on an investigation by the College. The College =/= police, and losing your Ontario medical license =/= getting a criminal record.
  10. I read the news coverage of what happened and definitely felt like she had crossed a boundary, but then I read the hearing summary on CPSO and feel awful for her. It was two consenting adults (seems like his family had at least some awareness of them having a relationship that was more than doctor-patient) and he didn't object and wasn't coerced into the relationship, both physical and emotional, with her. In his own words, he was most affected by her ending their relationship, not in her having started or during the course of the relationship itself. He didn't complain when she was initiating the relationship, and he didn't complain as it progressed and became more sexual. Sounds a lot like a scorned ex trying to get back where it hurts her the most. Based on his own words to the College, I wonder if he ever would have brought up this complaint to the College if she hadn't ended their relationship. Long story short, never date patients, current and past. (Definitely further limits the pool for those of us entering med single... ugh LOL)
  11. xiphoid

    Extremely lost, What to do next?!

    I don't think I've ever met staff in real life who seem to recommend IMG as much as you seem to on these forums... Really curious why. There's strong survivor bias in what you're seeing at the staff hiring level though. For every one IMG that gets residency or a job, there are 10+ others who did not make it but still shoulder all or part of the debt of an international medical school (depending on if they get stuck after graduation or have to drop out before getting there, which many do). I have many friends, colleagues and acquaintances who went the IMG route over the years and not a single one of them recommend it. It's a viable option if you are top of your class at the international institution and are able to get local connections to where you'd like to end up for residency somehow. The academic aspect is such a huge risk (what if you really struggle for a semester adjusting to a new country, new culture, medical school, etc? Many international schools publicly rank all their students, and most are not pass/fail unlike North America), and I would really only recommend it for someone who is 'medical doctor or bust' and prepared to work harder than they ever have in their life. If there are any other careers that someone would be satisfied or content with, I don't see IMG as a good option.
  12. xiphoid

    U of T medical student convicted of rape

    Was going to pretty much say the same thing as deeman. CMPA is incredibly strong. This isn't the US where wins and large payouts are rampant against doctors. I won't comment on the whole family med discussion because it doesn't seem to be worth anyone's time given that sympatheticsystem is not in the medical education system currently and therefore their entire perception of the field is incredibly skewed. If you do end up in medicine, I think it'll be very self-explanatory and you won't need a bunch of people you don't know on a forum telling you the importance and hard work that family docs do, and how they care about their patients as much, and in many cases, more than specialists and surgeons.
  13. xiphoid

    Engineers accepted in this cycle

    GPA will depend on the school, since every school does GPA weighting and interview invites differently. If you're asking this because you believe medical schools have a lower/higher GPA threshold for engineering students, the short answer is they don't. GPA and MCAT are held at the same standard for all applicants regardless of field of study (exception is graduate students, which many schools will accept with a lower GPA than non-graduate students, and students from certain geographical areas).
  14. I've also never met a DO in the many years I worked at the downtown Toronto hospitals. Part of me thinks that UofT perhaps is not the best representation, because jobs there even for CMGs, aren't the easiest to come by (certain surgery subspecialties in particular). There may be a lot more room for DOs in community hospitals and/or hospitals outside of Toronto/GTA.
  15. Hey, I'm all for US DO over IMG - I just wanted to point out that the Irish medical curriculum itself will not be the reason someone is hindered or unsuccessful at matching into residency. Given OP's GPA and MCAT though, I wonder if US DO is a realistic option however. I'm not familiar with the DO process, but based on the AACOM 2017 report, the average GPA and MCAT in 2016 of admitted applicants was 3.54 and 502, and I wouldn't be surprised if the requirements are higher for international applicants than US citizens/PRs.