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  1. xiphoid


    *prays 2023s are fire hydrant yellow*
  2. Most medical students do not have PhDs before starting med school. Most medical students still match into competitive specialties, both surgical and non-surgical. If not having a PhD significantly decreases your chances of matching to a competitive specialty, then I'm pretty sure about 75% of current med students would be in trouble.
  3. A high 3.8/low 3.9 will not ruin your chances for Queen's. Try not to think about it, and just focus on your final exams and fourth year.
  4. xiphoid

    CaRMS 2019 Prelim Data

    I'm still processing that a couple got their 288th combination. Like I know couples will have a much longer rank list and will tend to match lower on the list, but just even having a 288th rank...
  5. For when you want to be a surgeon but don't want to commit to being a surgeon In seriousness, I really like the variety in ENT. You get both the medical and surgical aspects since there isn't a medicine counterpart (unlike neuro and cardio), the clinics are more procedural than clinics for other surgical specialties, and I like the anatomy, physiology and disease processes themselves that they're treating. Wish it was less competitive, because I really like the specialty but I don't want to gun for it from how competitive it sounds to be.
  6. Would also second what @Egg_McMuffin said - something very very un-related to medicine. If money isn't a concern, I'd travel as much as possible. If it is, then I'd get a part-time/contract job (or perhaps a few jobs) in something service-related/touristy. I worked at a really popular tourist attraction (not an amusement park) for a while before starting med, and that job honestly taught me so much about myself, about people in this world, and just about the non-medicine working world in general. As much as it was kind of awful at times during it (I lost a little bit of faith in humanity while working there and seeing the way people acted), I'm really glad I had that experience and I wouldn't give up that time in my life for med-related experiences. Once you start med, it really can be quite all-consuming and if you aren't consciously aware of it, you'll one day realize that the only people you interact with and are friends with on a daily basis are all in medicine or healthcare.
  7. xiphoid

    low GPA lost hope

    Queen's is two most recent years or cumulative, whichever is higher. A single high GPA for fourth year will not be enough if OP's GPA this year is low and the first two years are low as well.
  8. Queen's has a hard MCAT cutoff. The cutoff just fluctuates from year to year depending on the applicant pool, and is therefore not publicized. Grad students who do not meet the MCAT cutoff for that year are not considered. GPA for grad students is more lenient.
  9. xiphoid

    Pet experiences in School?? (Here's mine)

    Interesting. "Socks" looks a lot like this dog that a guy took a photo of in Wyoming in 2014. https://www.flickr.com/photos/beau_bright/14678485333/in/photolist-on65ik-7NCHdP-7uQe2S-PKihUz-6HnZyK-wXM1X7-z7hn4j
  10. xiphoid

    Unique Situation

    5 to 10 pounds on food or rent will always come first over 5 to 10 pounds on flights. If you're taking frequent weekend getaways as the testimonial mentions, that quickly adds up. Sure, one weekend getaway over your 4-6 years is nothing, but that's not the picture painted in the testimonial. If you're studying abroad and these "shoestring" costs are no issue to you, then you my friend, are in a better financial situation than most. Loans for CSAs usually require cosigning unlike CMGs, and parents being able to cosign on a $300k loan is in itself an indication that they are not doing too badly financially in the absolute sense (doesn't take into account if a family has 7 kids for example, but is still generally a good ballpark). I don't see the purpose in continuing down this path anymore, because nothing you ever say will be able to convince me that CSAs are not a bunch of kids from wealthy families who get an opportunity to pursue medicine that us non-wealthy folk will never have if we cannot get in on our own merit here in Canada.
  11. xiphoid

    Unique Situation

    I was in a rush so perhaps could have used a better phrase, but I meant cheating the system as in trying to circumvent the policies and system design put in place so that we don't end up with a surplus of medical graduates with not enough residency spots. There is a reason that the number of medical school spots in the country is limited, and I personally think trying to get around this system design and then complaining about not being able to easily get back (see thread about the two IMGs from BC suing over not being allowed to apply for the CMG stream) is playing dirty. Also, wow, that testimonial... I have no words... Even if I studied abroad in Ireland, I certainly would not have the financial resources to go on all these weekend getaways... I can't even afford to go back home all that often to visit my family, let alone spend money on transportation, accommodation, food and entertainment.
  12. xiphoid

    Unique Situation

    There is a difference between when someone is a true IMG (immigrated to Canada) compared to Canadians who go abroad to try and cheat the system, aka CSAs. How is an example of someone who is Irish, who went to an Irish medical school, and now practices in Canada, supposed to prove that CSAs worked equally as hard to get into medical school?
  13. xiphoid

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    There's nothing in your application that can be helped by a Masters. You need a much higher CARS score because your 122 shuts the door to every medical school in the province (and probably country). I would take a gap year, really work on increasing your CARS score and spend the rest of your time working and volunteering.
  14. xiphoid

    2 YR GPA vs Cumulative

    Average of the two most recent full-time years (at least 3 courses/semester).
  15. xiphoid

    Where to go

    MitralLunar 100%. Neither. Canadian MD > US MD >>>>>>>>>> RCSI/other reputable UK or Australian school >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> big 4 Caribbean school >>>>>>>>> just go for another career. RCSI may give you a shot at a rural Ontario family med residency with a ROS requirement. St. George's will likely result in no residency unless you have some really good connections.