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  1. I think you might be missing the entire purpose of the credit cards and fee waivers... The goal with these perks is the banks are trying to incentivize you to sign your LOC with them instead of another bank. So no, a bank isn't going to offer you premium credit cards with fees waived just because you're a medical student. You'll need to sign a LOC with them. Whether or not you take any money out from that LOC is up to you.
  2. Scotiabank bought MD Financial a few weeks ago so it'll all be under a big bank.
  3. xiphoid

    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    We'll know what colour the backpacks are once Calgary starts in 1.5 weeks!
  4. The RBC advisor I met with told me the same thing when I flat out told her that Scotiabank offered better perks than RBC (which wasn't news to her, she had a response already prepared). However, this is on the condition that you pay interest on the amount you've already borrowed from your LOC each month for RBC. As a medical student, unless you have income coming in on a regular basis every month (which isn't the case for most students), the money to pay down the interest will come from the LOC itself. Ultimately, it ends up working out to be the exact same (even the RBC advisor conceded that it was the same unless you had regular income during the year). You just have the added monthly hassle of making sure you transfer funds from your LOC to pay the interest with RBC.
  5. Yes that's the standard at Scotia: Gold Amex and Passport Infinite, fees waived for medical school, residency, fellowship, and 2 years grace period.
  6. They must've stopped running the ads, since their Facebook page says they have no active ads at the moment (perhaps as a result of the Scotiabank acquisition?) I found this link with the terms and conditions of the $500 though: https://pages.mdm.ca/1696-SRLOC-tc.html
  7. I've yet to be able to find this on the MD Financial website itself, but it's in an ad that keeps popping up on my Facebook newsfeed.
  8. If anyone wants to go with RBC, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to send along the contact details of the rep I met with in downtown Toronto. She was super patient and explained everything, and I really do think she makes sure you get all the benefits you're supposed to get with your LOC (e.g. VIP banking and credit card fees waived for 4 years, iPad for new RBC customers, etc.) I also gain literally nothing from this (#NoDisclosuresNeeded) because I'm not planning on signing with RBC but if I were, I would 100% go with this rep!
  9. I was told by Veena also at a downtown Toronto RBC branch that the iPad promotion is this year, and the promotion was an Apple Watch last year.
  10. Nope. Was offered VIP account with fees waived for 4 years right off the bat. Was told that I probably wouldn't be able to get the iPad though since I was an existing RBC customer.
  11. Good to know. I met with the recommended advisor in Toronto and was told that HQ was the one who doesn't allow waiving the fees for the Momentum Infinite after a year.
  12. The Amex Gold + Passport Infinite are standard this year with Scotia. I was referring to the Momentum Infinite that the rep said fees would only be waived for one year. Momentum Infinite is a 4% cashback card, whereas Passport Infinite is a 2% travel rewards card for anyone wondering about the difference!
  13. xiphoid

    Cell Phone Plans

    It might've been directed marketing, but I only recently switched to this plan back at the end of April. I used to have unlimited call and text with them for $30/month (did the whole duo sim thing for a while, had a plan for $15/month with Wind for unlimited, i.e. 10GB/month, data) , and they sent me an email offering what I currently have.
  14. xiphoid

    Cell Phone Plans

    Currently with Fido in Ontario. $45/month with 6GB of data and unlimited call and text. (Plus new device every 2 years)
  15. Were you offered the momentum infinite with fees waived for all years? The rep I met with said fees could only be waived for one year.