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  1. Could you please tell me what is the important factor for UWO? I though it was the RC score and combination of gpa/interview
  2. Hello everyone, My gpa is 3.99 and for my best two years I have only one A. My DAT scores are 22AA, 26 chem, 19 RC, 20 PAT, 22 BIO. I applied to uoft, UWO and manitoba. I don't know how well I wrote the casper. Do you think it is possible to get an interview from them, especially UWO?
  3. First time writing dat: RC:19 Bio:22 chem:26 TS: 23 PAT: 20 AA:22 MDT: didn't do it. Do you think I can get an interview from western?
  4. Casper is added to the admission requirement since this summer, so for the previous cycles, the reason why people with high stats ended up on waitlist is the interview. Hopefully they only want to collect statistical numbers for casper this year since it is their fist time to include it.
  5. well I reviewed the content using bootcamp, and I don't have time to go over the crusher's content, right now I am using bootcamp practice tests. Do you think it is valuable to go over crusher's practice tests only and not their notes/video? Also I am a bit stressed with respect to Canadian grading scale, I have heard the Nov18 was very badly scaled. Do you think it has been always like this or last yeas was an exception?
  6. uworld was a great supplementary tool for me, it helped a lot and it doesnt cost much compared to other companies. I used kaplan self-paced package, completed 90% of the adaptive bank, completed all of AAMC materials and used uworld ( I only practiced psychology, biology, biochem and CARS bc of time). I first started attacking my weak points using kaplan adaptive bank and watched videos and review books/notes from previous mcat writing. I practiced aamc materials at the same time. Then after I finished with kaplan, I stated uworld (you need to make a base for yourself and then add to it, I made the base using kaplan and then switched to uworld). Uworld was great. I suggest writing a full length everyweek after you make a base for yourself.
  7. Hello everyone, Does anyone know how uoft is going to take into account the casper test. Are they going to prescreen people based on only the casper, for example someone with 3.98 gpa around 20-21AA DAT but low on casper ? Thanks
  8. congrats on your second attempt. Thank you for your information.
  9. Hello everyone, Could you please tell me if bootcamp is good enough for cDAT and if so how representative is the reading portion ( I know cDAT is 50min)? could you tell me if the scores you get on practice tests are predictive? Thanks
  10. thanks for the response. I will be enrolled in full time basis (18 or 24 credits), but not full course load. Do you think they will still contact me?
  11. Hello everyone, Ottawa requires 3 years of full course load (30 credits each year). I only have 2 years and do not have plan to take one more full course load year (currently cGPA : 3.98). Do you think it worths to apply or I am going to be rejected? Thanks
  12. well I am applying this cycle for the first time. I suggest sending your resume as well. Also if you can make an appointment and discuss what medical schools are looking for in letters.
  13. Hello everyone, This is my first time using this forum and I have a few questions. I apologize for a lengthy message. I am going to my 4th year and I am writing mcat for the first time in Sept. I will graduate next summer in Aug. firt year GPA (full course load): 3.98 second year (full course load): 4.0 third year (21 credits): 3.98 EC: NSERC award and summer reaserch currently working on a one-year independent research study member of dean's honour roll member of preseidential's honour roll life guard for 2 years shadowing a physician Volunteer in a fund raising event for earth quake survivals Volunteer in student election volunteer in Best Buddy program in which we went to schools with mentally disabled studenst and engaged them in physical and communicating activities. Questions: 1. I am planning to apply to both Canadian and American medical schools this cycle, but Ive heard that US has rolling addmission. I am writing mcat in Sept and the results will come out in Oct. Can I still apply for US without mcat scores or they dont look at my application untill they recieve the scores? My initial plan was to focus on mcat and after that focus on application process. Do you know any medical schools without rolling policy? 2. Currently i am using Kaplan to prepare for the mcat and I score very low (499 was my best), especifically CARS is killing me (122 was the max, english is my second language). My target schools in Canada are UofT, McMaster ( I know I have to work on CASPER to compensate for CARS) and Queens. Since I am not graduating this April, I cannot apply for Wester, Mcgill and northern ontario. Are there any medical schools that I have any chances? I live in Toronto. 3. I have heard kaplan has the worst ranking scales, is it possible to get 125 in CARS on actual test? 4. Do you think it is a good idea to apply this cycle (at least I would become familiar with the application process) or I should wait a year and work on my EC and mcat? Thanks
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