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  1. Were you able to get an annual fee waiver on the Momentum Infinite? I inquired about it but my rep said it wasn't an option for an AF waiver though I could get a pre-approval.
  2. Sorry to drag this back up... so are you bringing just your IPP to class? Or are you bringing both your IPP + MacBook to do post-class edits in ON? Beautiful notes!!
  3. Have just received confirmation from my local RBC professional student LOC advisor that they do indeed convert from the student to professional following residency/fellowship. No mention of the specific interest rate though.
  4. The latest 9.7" one. (2018 edition - I believe it's pen compatible).
  5. I've just been informed by my Scotiabank advisor in Vancouver that in order to secure the LOC, I must obtain letters from CIBC and BMO confirming that I am not seeking LOC products from their institutions. Additionally, I have to close all of my existing, non-Scotiabank credit products in order to gain access to my LOC, even if those other credit products have been paid in full with no outstanding balances. The only way around this is to declare the credit, apply for exception, and have your LOC limit reduced by the credit limits for each respective card i.e. if you have a TD CC with an $8000 limit, your $275K loan limit would be limited to $267K. This is a tad annoying as some of my rewards points with these other providers are contingent on having an active product.... I'm not willing to forfeit all of these points to open up an LOC. I think. Can anyone confirm that this is indeed the case? I was not informed of this in my initial communications with Cindy (the BC SPSP rep). Aside, some more details about the RBC offer for those who are still weighing their options: The condition for the iPad is that the individual must open the account by August 31, 2018 and setup either a pre-authorized payment (PAP) OR a direct deposit. You need 2 PAP payments or 1 direct deposit by November 30, 2018 to qualify for the iPad. PAP can include things like gym membership deductions, cellphone bills - basically anything that auto-pulls from your bank account.
  6. Ugh the conflicting details... damnit!
  7. Went through Cindy - she was also very helpful! Replies on weekends too, haha.
  8. Feel like I may have jumped the gun signing up with Scotiabank with all these offers coming out. If RBC is indeed offering an iPad and/or MD the $500.. those would almost be bigger sells for me than the perk CC’s. Can anyone comment on whether Scotia would be willing to match any of the aforementioned offers? Especially with the MD Financial takeover this doesn’t seem too far fetched.
  9. Any particular things to look out for from other med students in BC? Seems like Scotia still has the best perks.