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  1. Salut/Hi Everyone! I have a good friend and colleague who is at Trois Riviere (TR) and the policy regarding transferring to the Montreal campus changed this year. It is one for one which means she/he must find a person in going into first year at UdM Montreal campus in Medicine who is willing to go to Trois Riviere to complete their first year. Essentially this means to swap places with him/her. If this sounds interesting or Trois Riviere is your hometown and you're in pre-med and thinking of transferring back please Private Message me! Thanks so much for your help!!! Keep up the great work and #hustle!
  2. I said wherever I just wanted to get in. But MTL is my hometown. After the interviews you had have the option to click you will accept either campus if you get an offer. Super important to click yes if you just want to get in.
  3. Hey TopChef My background Law degree : Ottawa U degree obtained (A- average 8/10) Finance: JMSB (one yr completed) (A average 3.82 GPA) Other then that they do not consider CV or being a member of any professional order (CPA, Barreau du Québec) unless you apply in the unique categories. I only know my CRU based on ULaval (33.6) they give it to you. UdM does not unless you are officially rejected and only if you request it in a certain time frame end of August early September. I have an estimate of higher than 36 CRU UdM given I recieved my e-mail the first hour of first interview offers. UdM and ULaval have totally different CRUs. I tried asking for mine of last year earlier this year and couldn't obtain it; there is a process. But I did get 75% at the MEMS this year and last year I did better with 78%. Honestly it varies so much there is legit no way of calculating odds. I left my interview thinking it went super super well and was devastated when I saw my rank on the waitlist. No idea if you are in or not but keep hustling and reach out to as many people. I was beyond surprised by the humility and genuine kindness of a lot of people already accepted into medicine helping me prepare for interviews. Do not hesitate to reach out on this forum or elsewhere! It helped me immensely! GOODLUCK!!!
  4. Guys I got my acceptance yesterday I was 12# UdM campus Mauricie. It was a long journey. Best of luck everyone if you have any any questions about the process. PM me !!!! Do not give up!!!!! Keep trying. Keep pushing. It was my second try with UdM and third overall plus I was ready to apply again. To everyone accepted can’t wait to be your collègue. To everyone waiting and/or refused can’t wait to meet you once you’re accepted in the near future. It will happen!
  5. Salut c'est dans le courriel post-entrevue qu'ils nous ont donnée la moyenne de cette année Pour comment te classer c’est super subjective pour chaque école. La façon que les facultés de medicine évaluent les candidat et leur façon de calculer le GPA varient significativement à UdM je sais que minimalement j’ai un 36 puisque j’étais un des premier convoqué en entrevue mais à ULaval seulement 33.6. J’ai gradué en droit avec un moyenne de A- (8.3/10 Ottawa). Ça dépend comment il voit ton bac. Tes notes. Par example même en ayant un bac en droit ULaval à pris mes notes de finance (1an) et cela m’a baissé même avec juste des A puisque la force d’un bac ou des cours en finance n’est pas bien coté à ULaval . Il faudrait appliquer à tout les universités situé au Québec. Je suggère d’appliquer partout et surtout lâchez pas !
  6. HEY INCREDIBLE AWESOME FUTURE DOCTORS/DENTISTS if anyone is thinking of dropping either Mtl or Mauricie UdM bac NON connexe please PM me OR if you have two or three options. The list just came out and I am legit next been trying for three years. Positive vibes!!!
  7. Unfortunately it won’t impact me at all. I’m waitlisted on non connexe and just need a little bump. BUT I am sure someone reading this may love to know so why not help another fellow future Med!
  8. Are there any people in BAC NON-CONNEXE who are waiting for other schools (McGill, Sherbrooke, Laval and others) given that we have to do a prep year and they do not require it? Desperately waiting for the waitlist to move just a bit so if you have other schools or accepted multiple please let me know in PM! Praying and sending positive vibes that 2018 MED will happen it's been a long time dream! To all those in again AMAZING Congrats!
  9. Hey I have a friend at both. She said Laval is better because bigger school more variety more options than Mauricie. However it really depends on you. Laval seems unreal and a bigger faculty with more options. I don’t know sherbooke. And Mauricie is a newer campus but 30 or so people constantly.
  10. @Jax congrats let us know please your rank in 1iere annee (bac connexe) ou annee preparatoire (non connexe). Et encore félicitations !!!
  11. @Jax congrats can you let us know what number you were to see how it moved in two weeks and what list. Bac connexe ou non connexe. Merci !!!!!!
  12. Really depends what you want. If you think you'll be ready to go into medicine via the Pre-Med route definitely try going to a CEGEP to get the highest R-SCORE aka not Marianopolis but rather Dawson or Vanier. I did the Marianopolis route and loved who I met as individuals and life long friendships but trying to get into medicine via university is a hell of a lot harder than CEGEP (more spots dedicated to them via the GVT, more turnover (waitlist moves A LOT)! Good luck!
  13. Anyone get any offers on the waitlist Bac Connexe ou Non-Connexe ??? Merci!!!
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