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  1. So, lets assume you have 4 years of undergrad completed, but only 2 are full-time, would those 2 be the only ones assessed?
  2. Does Ottawa U ONLY assess the years of UG you carried a full course load in?? Also, do the pre reqs, if done in the summer, count towards GPA? Or any summer courses for that matter? Thanks Haha Confused Sad
  3. OBoyMD

    important question

    Curious on this as well
  4. selfies Someone exits lethargically, finding interestingly, extra snacks...
  5. Try to really frame your activities around essential skills.. like leadership or whatever. Wording can make a huge difference!
  6. Makes sense... I actually get quite excited at the chance to live in such a unique place, coming from a big city in Ontario. Thanks for the reply.
  7. Thanks for the reply, very fair. I think my EC's are fairly comprehensive but again no way to really know. PM'ed you.
  8. I just really am not sure what to do.
  9. Only Queens once, no interview. Weighting doesn't help me for U of T, don't hit westerns MCAT cut-offs.
  10. Hello all, As I have posted before, I have a solid 2yr GPA, shitty cGPA and an aggressively underwhelming MCAT at 508 even. I am an Ontario resident. I am seriously considering getting a job at Yukon College, I have already contacted them, and moving to Whitehorse for a year or two to receive IP at the Alberta schools, Manitoba, UBC and eventually Saskatchewan. (I checked and enquired with the schools mentioned except Sask). In looking through the accepted threads on PM101 for some of the middle province schools, I think I would be very competitive even with my low MCAT (except Manitoba seems to have high MCATs). I have a bit of a diverse weird background as I was a hockey player for most of my teenage and young adult life moving around.. I had a hard time transitioning out of living in small towns in eastern Europe playing hockey to being a pre-med gunner in a large Ontario city.. not justifying my low GPA in the first two year just highlighting a parallel between the volatility of my teenage life and the volatility in my pre med journey. I know people have some pretty strong/sure feelings about making the move for IP... I am not really looking for "that's dumb you're playing the system", I am more looking for opinions as to whether its worth it or not and why. I really appreciate any and all responses. For reference: - cGPA = 3.3 ish - 2yr GPA = 3.92