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  1. hello! I know you posted this a while ago, but I will be going to MRU for Athletic therapy this fall - September 2018 and was wondering if you ended up going? If yes, how did you find it and how is life as of now in terms of job stability. If not, why did you decide to not go? I would really appreciate if you get back to me! Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a few questions, but before I list them off, I want to briefly tell you about myself. I am in Canada and currently a student-athlete at a college I received a severe concussion at the beginning of the season and was treated by an Athletic therapist who specializes in neurorehabilitation. I fell in love with the profession and decided to apply to Mount Royal University's Bachelor of Health and Physical Education - Athletic therapy program. The program is very competitive and well known, but I got in! I believe you must have a 4.0 in your most recent credits. It was great news until I ran into a dilemma; the fear that I am entering the wrong profession. I always wanted to become a physiotherapist and after studying my options, it seems that PT is the better option for me over AT. This is taking job stability and growth into account. Now here are my questions: 1) I have three choices for undergrad studies that I can transfer to, which one do you feel is the best?  a) The AT program at MRU where the least amount of credits transfer and it is apparently very challenging in terms of achieving a high GPA b) A combined degree - B.Ed in physical education and a BA in kinesiology. 39 credits transfer, but it is a 5-year undergrad. - University of Lethbridge c) Camosun College - Bachelor in Exercise and Wellness, as well as I would continue being a student-athlete These are all great options, but I am having trouble choosing the path that will most benefit me when it comes to applying to PT and completing PT school! 2) do you think that someone with an AT background might have an advantage when getting into PT school and/or when applying for jobs as a PT 3) Should I just choose an "easier" program to keep up my GPA and focus on extracurricular activities, rather than going into an intensive program like AT? 3) Not sure if you'll know lots about this, but I hear that AT is slowly becoming more recognized, so if I don't get into PT, what are your thoughts on AT as a backup career? thanks!!
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