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  1. After June 13th, Queen's will send new offers to the wait list.
  2. Friend of mine got off the wait list for Queens #6. What number are you again?
  3. Apply under the Affirmative Action, you need is a 3.3 gpa and they don't compare your application to other candidates. It's all on the website and you can contact the department for more information. Make sure you prepare for CASPer, don't wing it. They also have information on how your application grade and CASPer weighs to get an interview.
  4. I am actually glad you are able to express your opinion so eloquently. You objectively show your intelligent through your writing skills. I highlighted the only thing I thought I could agree on with this statement and the previous ones I read. Volunteering is not held to standard or is mandatory. Dalhousie University is a school that has a 40 hour non-paid community volunteering requirement for their admission (PT). This volunteer experience does not necessarily have to be in the field of Physiotherapy. (This last part is up for debate.) Volunteering does have its disadvantages: countless hours of unpaid work. This is something that can be argued as a requirement for this program. My two cents: Numbers are not the only indication of a successful candidate. Success in this professional graduate program relies on real world/life experience.
  5. I'm leaning towards Dalhousie. Fingers crossed for you, mate. I hope to see your post your acceptance =)
  6. Applied: Queen's, McGill, Dalhousie PT Accepted: Queen's, Dalhousie Waitlisted: Rejected: McGill GPA: sGPA 3.72 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), a Registered Kinesiologist (R.kin), 75+ hours volunteering at a cardiac center and years working as a swim instructor/lifeguard. I've basically worked my way up the physical care latter and gained experience/education in a related field. This is my second time applying, last year I only applied to Queen's. I suggest to aim above the GPA cut-off and have a variety of experience volunteering/working in different places. I believe great references that can highlight your attributes are important to help differentiate you from the next candidate. Edit: CASPer is required for McGill and Dalhousie (new 2018). Please do your diligence for this test. Don't wing it.
  7. Hello, I'm hoping to hear what you have to say. I have a strong interest in Cardiac rehab and I live in Ontario. Thank you
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