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  1. Hey I'm on OT waitlist for Queen's does anyone know how to find out what rank you are?
  2. Hey to those who got accepted I am applying again this year and I was wondering if anyone was willing to let me see their personal statement just to get an idea of how to maybe improve mine. I am not trying to copy or steal someone's whole statement even just a portion such as an intro would help. Thank you!
  3. What did you use to calculate your average? Last time I calculated mine it was different from the one OUAC generated.
  4. Can anyone that applied to schools in the UK tell me how the process was like? I've been looking at schools but I am so lost with how to apply and their requirements. What UK schools do you recommend applying to for OT?
  5. Does anyone that got accepted this year, have tips for making your letter of intent stronger or stand out?
  6. Thank you for your advice! Unfortunately, my cGPA is lower than my sGPA so I am going back to boost it an hopefully apply again! I have work and volunteer experience but I am looking for different populations to work with. If you don't mind me asking, what were some of the places you worked/volunteered at?
  7. Those who applied to OT do you think it is possible to receive an offer with a sGPA from 3.6-3.7? Has anyone been accepted with this range of sGPA? I am trying to apply for next year again and I am an trying to boost my gpa in order to apply but the probability of a 3.8 is very slim. I just want to be realistic and see if it is still possible to get in. Thanks!
  8. Thank you for your advice, I knew my GPA was on the lower end so I think that's what I didnt get in but yea I am going to try to upgrade my marks and try again in the fall!
  9. Hello everyone, I'm sure a lot of you have received news by now about admissions. This was my first time applying and I was unfortunately rejected. I'm feeling a bit down but I wanted to reapply next year. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or experience applying again and getting accepted? Thank you!