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    Hi! I am a current 1st year OT student at Western! I remember how stressful this process was so I thought I would update everyone on some information. I have heard that acceptances are going out later for some programs and while that may seem stressful know that the faculty are working around the clock right now and doing there very best amongst this crazy time in the world! They are trying to intake new students, switching to online courses, juggling family health concerns, and trying to figure out how 2nd years will graduate on time and how us first years will be able to complete our placements which are supposed to begin for most in May. So be as patient as you can (I know... easier said than done). But...While this forum was helpful last year it can consume you and add extra stress as you compare yourself to others. So practice meaningful occupations to help with the stress don’t get fixated on your exact gpa calculation and if it doesn’t happen for you this year keep your head up, I got in my second time applying off the waitlist! If I can do it you can too! 
    Good luck to you all  
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