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  1. I'm wondering if anyone has input on whether or not completing an Athabasca course with 2 assignments, a midterm and a final is doable in 7 weeks. I am under the impression that I would need to have all of the course components complete by December 19th in order for my grade to be official as of January 30th for OT/PT applications, and I would be starting on November 1. I am currently working 20 hours/week and completing an online MSc, but would say I have ~15 hours/week I could dedicate to an Athabasca course. Any input would be appreciated!!
  2. ValleyPT2Be

    Queens PT waitlist

    I got an email yesterday saying that the class is essentially full at this point and they went approximately 13 spots up the waitlist. Hopefully next year is our year!
  3. I was placed #24 on the waitlist for Queens PT :/