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  1. I know the submission boxes on ORPAS are infamous for changing punctuation when pasting from Word, Notepad, etc. hence the warnings to type directly into the box. Despite doing this, it would seem that upon submission, a few of the commas and apostrophes disappeared from my essays. I have been high-key freaking out about this all day, does anyone have any sort of insight as to whether or not this will be detrimental to my application, or if there is a way I can fix this??
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has input on whether or not completing an Athabasca course with 2 assignments, a midterm and a final is doable in 7 weeks. I am under the impression that I would need to have all of the course components complete by December 19th in order for my grade to be official as of January 30th for OT/PT applications, and I would be starting on November 1. I am currently working 20 hours/week and completing an online MSc, but would say I have ~15 hours/week I could dedicate to an Athabasca course. Any input would be appreciated!!
  3. I got an email yesterday saying that the class is essentially full at this point and they went approximately 13 spots up the waitlist. Hopefully next year is our year!
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