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  1. Damn I didn't know that. I guess I'm not applying there since I'm writing the DAT this November Thanks for letting me know.
  2. Thanks everyone! One last question for you guys. Would my stats and ECs be competitive for McGill as an OOP? And if I prefer to stay in Ontario, is there a point in even applying to McGill (because if I could get into McGill as OOP I would have gotten into ON Dental schools)?
  3. Thank you all for replying. I am not too worried about my GPA but I'm a bit concerned about my ECs. I was wondering if my GPA would help offset the negative effect of my EC list not being that long or impressive, especially for UWO.
  4. Hello, I just finished fourth year of university (in Ontario) and was wondering if you guys thought I had a good chance at getting into dental school in Ontario. I am writing the DAT in November. I also took 9 courses instead of 10 in fourth year and therefore had 4.5 credits instead of 5 for that year. First year average: 87% (3.82 based on omsas gpa scale) Second year GPA: 90.6% (3.94) Third year GPA: 92.15% (4.0) Fourth year GPA : 91.22% (3.99) Top 2 years average for western: 91.375 Top 3 years GPA for U of T: 3.976 (I called U of T and asked if I could still use my fourth year and they said yes) ECs: volunteered in hospital for 1 year, part time job at Kumon (tutoring) for 6 years (3-9 hours a week), volunteering in research lab for 15 months (3-6 hours a week). Kinda worried about this because I don't know what else I can do and I feel like this should be much longer. Looking forward to hearing from you guys.
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