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  1. Avec 32.952 de CRU j’etais sur la LA de DMD l’année dernière, donc avec 33.3 et un excellent CASPer je pense que ça vaut la peine de t’essayer tu n’y pers rien!
  2. BubbleGut

    Academic History Workbook

    You need to email it to the address on the last page of your workbook!
  3. BubbleGut

    Schools that need CASPer test

    Sorry I was writing on my phone while on the bus and I'm actually francophone so sometimes I don't make as much sense as I think I do, I'll try to clarify. The official CASper website doesn't have any prep except for 3-4 questions you can try to answer on a timer to have a general idea of the format and content: https://takecasper.com/test-prep/. While these could be your best indication of how "difficult" or "stressful" the test will be due to the time constraint, it's not a lot of content and you don't get any feedback on your performance. So in that sense, it's not the best way to prepare for it. Since you don't seem to need it for this year's applications (because from what I understand you're not applying to schools that require it), but if you wanted to still take the CASper to get a more realistic practice for next application rounds, you might as well do it since the actual test is cheaper than the other companies that sell you test prep for it. However, if you do that, keep in mind you won't receive any feedback. You never get your official score and since you're not using it in applications this cycle (from what I understand) then you can't even use your applications to hint at whether or not you did well (based on getting an acceptance, waitlisted or rejected). So if you want to still do it to get a good idea of what's coming, you could go for it, but if you're more interested in getting feedback on your performance rather than just the whole "stressful" nature of the test then you might as well practice with people for free or get some prep material from an outside company for $$$.
  4. BubbleGut

    Schools that need CASPer test

    I don’t know much about Ontario schools so unfortunately I can’t help you much there, but I agree with what the others have said. If you want to practice the test you might as well do it through the company since it’s much cheaper and no need to worry about how similar to the real test it would be. HOWEVER keep in mind that you get 0 feedback from the Casper company themselves so if you want any indication of how well you did and you’re not going to know based on admission to schools or waitlisting it may not be worth it. I honestly would personally suggest starting by doing the 3-4 practice questions on their website and maybe practicing with friends. If you’re still not confident then you can look into practice companies or doing the Casper itself. good luck with applications!
  5. BubbleGut

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Write the reference with where you’ll be submitting it and add “in preparation”
  6. C'est étrange, mais j'ai une bonne amie qui est rentrée en nutrition il y a quelques année et c'était absolument ce qu'elle voulait étudier selon son expérience personnelle et ses cours au cégep. Une fois rentrée elle a eue une expérience et surtout une impression tellement mauvaise qu'elle a laché après une session (et pourtant elle réussissait bien avec au dessus de 4.1/4.3) et a changé complètement de programme ET d'université! Je ne sais pas ce qui se passe dans ce programme surtout au départ mais tellement de gens semblent ne pas l'aimer, c'est très étrange...
  7. BubbleGut

    Question about prerequisites

    You can only be considered using option 2 if you’ve completed all the ones in option 1. The only benefit is if you want to improve the grades or if some are expired, but since you didn’t do all of them you need to complete them before you apply. Option 1 is prerequisite and option 2 is recommended aka supplementary only.
  8. Oups, je voulais savoir dent212 pour avoir une idée de sa performance au CASper Parce que s'il/elle était pas trop loin sur la liste son test était peut-être dans la moyenne ou un tout petit peu en dessous, mais si il/elle était plus loin sur la LA, cèest probablement juste le CASper qui l'a vraiment affecté et il vaudrait mieux passer son temps sur améliorer le CASper que de ce soucier de sa côte comme elle est déjà assez élevée non?
  9. Tu avais quelle position sur la LA?
  10. BubbleGut

    Q&a With Mcgill Med Ambassadors

    Access is already allowed from floors 7-13 which is mostly research purposes. Administration offices have been moved and are fully functioning and should be moved back within the next few months. They’ve announced that access will be restaured for classes in time for the start of the semester (floors 5-6 auditoriums). The floors 2-4 where classes and exams take place will most likely be moved to different rooms. The library was fine and a section got very minimal damage so that should be okay. While I understand that it was a major event I don’t think you should be concerned about the quality of your studies being affected. Go to this link for updates on the state of the building post-fire: https://mcgill.ca/medicine/about/special-notices
  11. BubbleGut

    CRU demande

    Vérifie dans ton junk mail c’est là où le courriel se rend pour moi parce que c’est un message automatisé.
  12. BubbleGut

    Liste d’attente

    Oh wow merci! C’est la première fois que je fait la LA!
  13. Les listes d’attentes sont mises à jour à quel rythme sur le site de l’UdeM? Si la première version est sortie le 15 juin, quand peut-on s’attendre à voir la nouvelle mise à jour? merci!
  14. Oui je vais essayer de finir pour l’année prochaine donc le prochain cycle ou celui d’après je devrais avoir un bonus. Je me croise les doigts.