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  1. I emailed pharmacy student services about this issue and was told that it is a glitch in the registers office and that we should not have received an email stating that we can register in courses. I was told to wait for the email at the end of the month for more registration information!
  2. I got accepted June 13 though! Is it supposed to come up on bear tracks as an outstanding balance?
  3. Hey guys! For those who have paid the registration fee, where did it come up on bear tracks? It says that I don’t have any outstanding fees so I’m pretty confused!
  4. Hey! I also received an admission email this morning. My gpa was 4.0. My letter of intent was well thought out and included 2/3 volunteer experiences although I did not have direct experience working or volunteering at a pharmacy. My interview went as well as I thought that it could have, but I did mess up one sentence where I began to talk and then lost track of the sentence so I abruptly ended it and then continued on as though nothing had happened. I just completed the interview questions to the best of my ability and did not stretch out my answers to make them longer. Good luck everyone!
  5. Hey guys! Just wondering if anyone knew the weight breakdown for each section of the admission requirements? I heard that it is about 60% grades, 30% interview, and 10% LOI but I’m not sure at all. I have a highly competetive gpa with a 4.0 but I am still very nervous about the interview process! Thanks
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