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  1. destiny deoxys

    Low DegGPA (OOP)

    I dont argue with the point that OOP have less chance than IP.. it's for sure easy to see, just that if she get the interview, her 4.0 will be strong and the rest is on the interview not like Laval, McGill has you know use the Casper and the CV which would help, and she got experience with uottawa doing that stuff, also writing an EC letter could help and they seem more comprehensive with the change they made this year
  2. destiny deoxys

    Low DegGPA (OOP)

    Give it a shot i would say, i saw people with quite low GPA on the forum getting interview last year, don't know if there were OOP tho
  3. destiny deoxys

    wGPA Calculation?

    only 3 yr undergrad, asked the same question 2 weeks ago
  4. destiny deoxys

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    McGill no ref letter as well
  5. i mean you need to have 2 class within the pre req (prob even psychology) that as a lab or 2 class that is entirely lab based (like orgo 2 lab)
  6. yep my HSS friends who took mineral chemistry haha nope, think they also removed completely the ref letter cause i can't found it anymore in the app process
  7. destiny deoxys

    Prereq from Uottawa

    Oui probablement mais c'est surtout les cours de 1er année car il veulent des cours d'intro mais bon sherbrooke par exemple mon donner cette directive pour phy2: Bonjour à vous, Voici les cours jugés équivalents aux cours « électricité et magnétisme » et « ondes et physique moderne » fait à Ottawa : PHY 1122, 1322, 2323, 2311, 1522, 1722, 2723, 2761, Cordialement,
  8. destiny deoxys

    Prereq from Uottawa

    BCH2333 count as gen chem i asked last year
  9. destiny deoxys

    OMSAS reference letters stopped?!

    So will ottawa removed completely reference letters for this cycle ?
  10. destiny deoxys

    Changes in admission ?

    haha the kid wasn't all wrong édit: i will go see diane and beg for the removal of 3 interview for sure
  11. destiny deoxys

    Changes in admission ?

    okok i saw it, only the 8 year is removed then ?
  12. Did uottawa removed the 8 year pré req and limit of 3 interview this year, i can't found it on the website ? (and mcgill made similar change this year)
  13. this is insane, i will reconsider what i will do for next year based on these change, thanks for the head up