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  1. Hey, for the awards section, would it be appropriate to put your shulich leader nomination ? cuz I didn't actually win the scholarship, but my hs had a huge selection process for choosing who to nominate
  2. IScream4IceCream

    research entry question

    If I'm doing a poster presentation on one of my publications - would this be under 1 entry or can it be 2 entries in omsas research section ?
  3. SATISFIES So Adriana took irresistible selfies for Isaac, excellent selfies.
  4. IScream4IceCream

    can we highlight/ underline on cars

    Hey, writing the mcat for the first time - for CARS, are you given the option to underline/draw/write on the on-screen cars passage (to guide my own thought process) ? Also is there an option search/ command F for a specific phrase/ word in the passage ? (e.g. if they refer to a passage phrase in a question and I want to quickly find it within the passage ) ? Thanks!
  5. IScream4IceCream

    khan academy for cars ?

    Is khan academy cars practice an accurate/ representative tool for the actual exam ? (sorry if this has been asked before, but I can't find the thread)
  6. IScream4IceCream

    Reference question

    Hello! I'm interning at a non-profit organization for 9 weeks this summer and will work a total of 300 hours. I am working very closely with my supervisor and I think she will get to know me very well/ be able to comment on my can meds skills. Is it a red flag if I use her as one of my references ? (b/c she only has known me for ~2 months) Thanks in advance!
  7. IScream4IceCream

    Shadowing optometrist

    Hi all, I know Waterloo requires a minimum of 8 hours shadowing an optometrist, but my question is - how do you document that ? Are people just creating a log sheet and having the optometrist sign every time they come in to shadow ? Or is there a more structured way to documenting it ? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey etAl, I'll be entering my third year in mac health sci. Feel free to ask any questions
  9. IScream4IceCream

    Reading research papers group

    Thank you for the advice !
  10. IScream4IceCream

    Reading research papers group

    Hey!! I'm currently trying to set a goal of reading at least 3 new research articles a week, just to improve my understanding of various topics and research methodology. Do people wanna form a group to discuss articles so can learn more ? We could maybe set a time for 1 or 2 times a week over Skype! If you're interested, reply below or DM me!