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  1. From my understanding, a student loan is a way to borrow a specific amount of money (ex. $20,000). After receiving and using this amount of money, you would have to pay back the bank the $20,000 plus whatever interest rate was agreed upon. Interest rates can vary by bank and your financial situation. This would be payed back after a certain amount of time (for example, OSAP is a loan that gives you a 6-month grace period in which you don't have to pay anything back - however they still charge you interest). A line of credit is a more flexible borrowing option where you apply for a certain credit limit (ex. $20,000 again). If you are approved, you can use as much or as little of that $20,000 that you want. One major difference is that you would be paying the interest on whatever you do use, say $14,000 of the $20,000. You can also be re-approved annually so that $20,000 could be applied to both years of your program of study for a total of $40,000. This is just from my understanding. I'd reach out to your financial advisor or bank to see what option is best for you. Hope this helps!
  2. I emailed Kathy and she confirmed that the recipient was notified at the time they received their acceptance.
  3. Does anyone know roughly how much the Queen's PT and Mac PT waitlist moves?
  4. Accepted to Queen's PT, rejected from Western PT, and have not heard back from Mac. Mac's mosaic still says "pending"... anyone else's Mac application say this?
  5. Yes this is specifically for PT
  6. Is there anyone this cycle who hasn't received the email?
  7. Same boat as you guys, my reference is really cutting it close!
  8. Hi everyone, Just wanted to throw a scenario out there and see people's opinions. If my subGPA were to meet the minimum cutoff of 3.70 (cumGPA 3.40-3.50ish), what are the odds of being accepted at any PT program in Canada? Thanks in advance!
  9. Is it the average grade of the semester? I was told that they averaged out the entire year (both semesters)?
  10. Congrats to everyone who was accepted this cycle! Unfortunately I wasn't, but had low expectations during my first application cycle due to a low sGPA. I'm hoping to take more classes to improve my GPA for next cycle and was wondering if anyone could provide insight for: 1. taking classes through Athabasca University online courses (my university doesn't have a great selection of distance studies courses) 2. strengthening my experiences in the rehab field (I already have experience in a PT private practice clinic and acute hospital setting) Any advice for my second application is greatly appreciated. Thanks!