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  1. First of all, I'm sorry you didn't end up in what you wanted. In my experience, flexibility for transfers has been decreasing over the years (maybe even moreso this year with all the new spots created for unmatched students). Older staff have told me it used to be as simple as writing an email to PGME. Your best and easiest chance is definitely within the same institution, because there'll be no issues with funding. I wouldn't email anyone about it right away, I think that sets the wrong tone. Maybe wait a 1-2 months into residency. You have time - transfer decisions don't happen until February, so an elective can be arranged for the late fall. If you only want to do shifts/call on top of your regular duties, then you don't have to tell your own PD. But I think you'd benefit way more from an actual elective. That's where talking to your PD might help. If they're supportive, they might let you do an elective in place of a core rotation - I've seen that happen. Good luck. There's also 2nd round CaRMS (not sure if your specialty usually has spots open).
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