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  1. ninja7292

    Entering GPA in OMSAS?

    I was looking through my friend's OMSAS and couldn't see the section too. 'Twas a bitch so good riddance
  2. ninja7292

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Is the class full yet...?
  3. How did you know this so far ahead of time lol
  4. Is there anyway I can have my OMSAS file from the previous cycle? I just realized I forgot completely to save it. - Asking for a friend
  5. They aren't re-defining SWOMEN
  6. I couldn't have said it better. MCAT and GPA isn't the greatest equalizer but it is certainly more so than ECs. Wealthy applicants can afford to volunteer their time and not work a job or two. They are also most likely afforded connections from their parents/family.
  7. As with all change, people either love or hate this one. The people with sub-129 CARS (or barely making any of the cutoffs) are delighted because they can make it without a rewrite. The people that were guaranteed interviews are more uneasy because their spot could go to someone with the same or lower stats but a better aABS. I'm excited to see where Western goes with this. Also, we're forgetting that McMaster is super transparent as well with their admissions process. The only spot for uncertainty is CASPer but that is due to the nature of the exam, not Mac admissions (although Mac did invent the exam...)
  8. The interviews will also be different as it may be open-book now (Interviewers know stuff about you beforehand and can ask specific questions.
  9. Their abbreviated ABS sounds like more work on top of the original ABS. Does it involve more explaining on top of the standard ABS?
  10. Do you wish Canada had more BS/MD programs like in the US? The only similar thing we have is QuARMS which isn't even a true BS/MD.
  11. ninja7292

    Regional Campus Housing (NRC)

    Why would you wait tht long?
  12. Orientation week is $200 and Blue mountain is $220