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  1. Have there been talks about having a MANDATORY SERVICE to pay back cost of training? I'm very familiar with the Singaporean model. That would be very interesting to see how it would be received (probably not very well)
  2. ninja7292

    Cap in number of Electives

    There are 7 (possibly 8 if you work through the 1 week summer vacation) weeks of electives pre-clerkship (Post Medical Foundations 4) in the McMaster program. Will incuring hours then count towards the 8 in one specialty rule? Also, is ENT and Optha hours added together b/c they are both surgery or no? Just an example Edit: Are there any links to this possible new policy?
  3. Apply to U of T (GPA is very low but it can't hurt), Ottawa (3.85 wGPA screen if you're from Ontario but they don't look at MCAT), McMaster (low yield tho), Queens (black box - who knows what could happen but again, low yield). It also depends on your background (e.g. indegenous? province? etc)
  4. It's been a week into medical school and we're already being constantly bombarded with opportunities to get involved at different levels (e.g. mentoring programs, CFMS, OMSA, Medical students' council, etc.). I've heard that extracurricular activities during medical school look good on CaRMS but I'm not sure if it discriminates based on the activity. I would obviously get involved in something I am passionate in but if I had to only focus on a few commitments, I would rather have them also benefit me in CaRMS. A bigger question would also be: What can one do to be a 'strong applicant' for CaRMS? Much thanks everyone!
  5. Long white coats = Residents and above Short white coats = Medical students
  6. ninja7292

    YouTube/Social Media

    What about the plastic surgeons and dermatologists that livestream their procedures hahaha
  7. CARS will never drop below 129, esp. after being already dropped from 130.
  8. ninja7292

    NOSM as an IP applicant from an urban area?

    NOSM greatly appreciates its donations in the form of application fees from all urban applicants
  9. ninja7292

    SWOMEN Status

    I'm 99% sure they ask you for your high school transcript at your interview, SWOMEN or not. (speaking from what I've heard, not experience). This makes sense because SWOMEN is ALL of high school - not just most or some of high school.
  10. ninja7292

    CPR course questions

    Do this only after you've been accepted. McMaster requires CPR HCP without Standard First Aid
  11. ninja7292

    Entering GPA in OMSAS?

    I was looking through my friend's OMSAS and couldn't see the section too. 'Twas a bitch so good riddance
  12. ninja7292

    McMaster Waitlist Party

    Is the class full yet...?
  13. How did you know this so far ahead of time lol
  14. Is there anyway I can have my OMSAS file from the previous cycle? I just realized I forgot completely to save it. - Asking for a friend
  15. They aren't re-defining SWOMEN