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  1. I am a first year medical student at McMaster and new to the city. I would like to get involved in volunteering and extracurricular activities again after medical school has calmed down and settled into a routine. Please let me know of any ideas - thanks in advance!
  2. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    Number of spots remain the same but number of applicants to competitive programs will surely increase - This along with what I have heard about how clueless PGME is about UGME makes the idea of going for a competitive specialty very uncomfortable
  3. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    @momo89 They should honestly just implement it for the class of 2022 instead of 2021 because at McMaster our first electives are December 1st of 2019 and 26 weeks before that is mid May which is awfully close to now. At McGill, do the Med3s have electives along with their cores like we do at Mac
  4. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    But you ant say youre doing researh at another shool thats just fishy so uh ore so the first sentiment
  5. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    Personally I think the 8 week cap stinks, 2nd and 3rd years at Mac applying for the competitive surgical subspecialty I want to apply for were able to do electives at almost every English-speaking program Those that wanted to back up with Family were able to do so With the new 8 week cap, I am at a loss as to what to do with myself for the remaining 8 weeks. I was planning on backing up with Family so I guess I will do 8 weeks of family? Or should I do some weeks in relevant subspecialties at sites I am unable to visit? Should I try to fudge my electives or do something easy at other sites and try to mooch with their residents and staff on call like @Aetherus suggested? I wish we werent the first year that had to go through this - I have no idea how programs will react to this change but since the competitive specialties all have small number of applicants UGME doesnt really care about us The match rates for this just started to pick up this year and will certainly go back to being in the 50s in my year with this change
  6. You also can't willy-nilly change your name after you have been charged and convicted of a crime. Even being charged triggers a separate form you've to fill out when applying for a name change
  7. Like my comment if I've the 'algorithm' right, after the cutoffs (most likely arbitrarily defined to allow a certain number of students above it), the aABS is graded by 2 independent markers and a average score is generated and the top 450ish are selected for an interview. The interview (3 person panel for 40ish mins) is unchanged so it's only the application to invitation step that is radically diff this year?
  8. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    Would you mind sharing those details? We haven't heard anything concrete details yet
  9. Thank you for the insight. Definitely lots to think about
  10. Yea I agree - has someone been named to replace Dr. Cheng the acting dean? I wasn't aware he was the one that kickstarted the changes. I thought it was something that was already in the works I'm glad you found success at Mac Alberta and MUN and am sorry to hear about your rejection at Western
  11. sWOMEN

    Cap in number of Electives

    It is a forgone conclusion - official statements have set to be released but all 2021s at McMaster are acting as if it is a foregone conclusion based on what has been said by admin
  12. sWOMEN


    I would imagine it's good for building connections in Canada esp. if you have none - but I'm a CMG so I'm not really sure about the details - best of luck! Edit: are you diff from a IMG in the eyes of PDs?
  13. As a medical student "gunning" for an extremely competitive surgical subspecialty, this thread is extremely sobering and has me hesitating going all in for the speciality. I would be happy to match wherever and practice wherever (would OK with community in Southern Ontario but prefer academic centre anywhere). Now, I am thinking of going something ,more realistic to match in, but something I would enjoy less. Any thoughts to my struggling decision making process?
  14. sWOMEN


    What's a CSA
  15. I agree with you - Schools can do whatever, whenever. If you are the Dean of UME and realize something is going wrong with the medical students you're getting, you will want to change it. Not 4 years from now (maybe we should give Grade 12s and new undergraduates time to plan their path to med?), Not a cycle from now, RIGHT NOW! This IMMEDIATE cycle - They have the right to make the changes they deem fit to improve on their program. They don't owe it to the public to stick with their old admissions algorithm because if something is broken you fix it now. With that said, I can empathize with the students that were lulled into a false sense of security with their chances at Western and sacrified ECs for MCAT/GPA only to see those with lesser MCAT/GPA but better aABS score get an interview. I get that. But y'all also need to see it from the schools POV, as hard as it may be.