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  1. sWOMEN

    McMaster MD Chances?

    With a good casper it'll balance out the below Mac average cars so youre good
  2. Without stereopsis, it is unlikely you will make it past the necessary requirements of residency. Like others have mentioned you would need an ophthalmological report (had no idea ophthol's was so much more rigorous than ENT which only requires stereopsis - I am blind as a bat -4.5 and -5 with astigmatism so thank god). Speak to your home PD but I'm afraid like us, they may not have the news you were hoping for. I'm sorry man
  3. sWOMEN

    McMaster MD Chances?

    Arent interviews already out
  4. Both fellowships of a direct entry specialty when you look at it through CaRMS lenses
  5. Unless you have hardcore connections (daddy in specialty you want to go into), matching back into anything remotely competitive is a non-starter. If you want to practice in Canada and do your residency here, go to med school here
  6. At the end of the day, connections are king and the further down the rabbit hole you go the more rampant it is and the less traceable and proveable it is - having connections to secure yoan a attending job vs residency spot vs medical school spot for example
  7. I got that reference - Captain Steve Rogers inb4 mods censor this thread
  8. sWOMEN

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    They have spots left over in undesirable programs in desirable specialties whereas we have spots leftover in undesirable programs in undesirable specialties RIP
  9. sWOMEN

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    What contributes to that other than stigma? Is CaRMS very different? There is a massive stigma vs unmatched people which is why many apply to specialties in 2nd iteration that are very diff from their original one if they did not back up or did not match into their back up. I plan on doing the same (backing up something competitive with FM and applying FM in 2nd iteration if I dont match at all instead of doing CaRMS again to get my competitive specialty)
  10. sWOMEN

    2019 CaRMS unfilled spots

    I got second hand anxiety from reading the SOAP thread - what a fucking shitshow
  11. sWOMEN

    This Is Insane

    This has been brought to the adcom at my school as well
  12. Honestly fuck Mac and Calgary for subjecting their students to this BS - and Calgary wonders why 22 students didnt match this year
  13. Ottawa always manages to have IMG ENT residents despite it being one of the most competitive specialties.
  14. Water is wet - Ophtho is always competitive haha and that is unlikely to change unless their funding formula gets flipped upside down
  15. ENT-related studying: ENT Secrets of Pasha for clinic; Operative Otolaryngology for OR cases