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  1. As far as I know, 2 employer verifiers contacted so far. Also had one verifier contacted from the rural training section.
  2. uvicstudent

    August 24th MCAT Writers

    9-VR, 9-PS, 10-BS, Q looking forward to the next MCAT battle. not.
  3. uvicstudent

    August 24th MCAT Writers

    I thought for the most part it was pretty average in difficulty, although I did find the PS harder than the other sections.
  4. uvicstudent

    August 24th MCAT Writers

    Well, I didn't notice an MCAT thread for this date, but to all the people writing tomorrow...best of luck. Can't wait to get it over with.
  5. Exciting way to end the match! I am sad Uruguay couldn't pull it off. I think I have been supporting Uruguay ever since I watched the movie 'Alive'.
  6. Anyone watching Paraguay vs Spain right now? Crazy stuff going on here.
  7. uvicstudent

    In Need of Advice...

    A 3.5 cGPA really isn't that bad, not ideal, but not game ending. You have a 3.8 in your last year so I would say go for another undergrad year, get 3.8 or so and apply the schools in Ontario that look at last/best 2 yrs in addition to those in Alberta. Make sure you meet the MCAT cutoffs for the those Ontario schools. good luck
  8. uvicstudent

    Official NHL Playoffs Thread

    Pittsburgh in 7 Phil in 6 Van in 6 Detroit in 5
  9. Uvic is one of the schools that does not care about this. What's strange is that I had the option of taking a second degree in Biology...and my first degree is Microbiology. I thought that was pretty weird since quite a few courses overlap...
  10. What was your NAQ score when you were rejected from UBC? With that information you should be able to approximate how much you will need to raise your GPA(since there is a formula for the AQ section). Also, UBC admissions does not care about applicants taking a 5th year for GPA, as they state explicitly that they will count ALL of your grades in their GPA calculation. If you are still worried about the adcoms opinions on taking a 5th year for GPA, you could get a minor in another subject and use that as your reason for the extra year instead. Good luck.
  11. uvicstudent

    Sick and tired of being rejected :(

    Well said, I definitely agree. I also enjoyed the life-raft analogy.
  12. uvicstudent

    Sick and tired of being rejected :(

    I disagree with this. You can't just say a person with a 3.4 is not competitive for medicine because it all depends on their grade distribution over their years in undergrad. Example: Applicant 1. cGPA of 3.9 Applicant 2. cGPA of 3.4, last 2 years(or best 2 years, whatever) 3.9 If both above applicants had MCATs above the cut-off's, they would be considered to be equal academically by UWO's selection criteria. I believe it would be the same for Queens(not as sure though). Obviously its not likely that someone who starts with 2 years of GPA below 3.0 will have 2 years with a 3.9 GPA, but I'm sure you can see the point I am trying to make.
  13. uvicstudent


    If you do really well on the MCAT, you will most likely get interviews. A 3.5 GPA and a high MCAT definitely gives you a shot in the states, so kill the MCAT and apply broadly. In the meantime, you could take more undergrad courses and give Canada another shot(at schools that look at last/best 2 yrs) and keep up EC's. Best of luck