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  1. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Any chance for interviews?

    so they dropped your lowest year and counted 2 of your other years + your 4th which you were doing at the time of your application? What were your extracurriculars?
  2. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Need some serious advice.

    About the physiology credit, Western lets you take an exam to get in if all that's missing from your application is the physiology credit. It says this on the admissions website: The Physiology Challenge Exam is offered to candidates invited to interview who will not have been able to fulfill the physiology course requirement by the end of the application cycle. http://www.schulich.uwo.ca/dentistry/future_students/doctor_of_dental_surgery_dds/admission/admission_requirements.html my advice: do your fifth year and apply to Western and UofT, but also apply to schools for your plan B career option so that if you still dont get in for dentistry, you won't spend a year off and you'll go straight to plan B
  3. Ms. Chip Skylark

    need some advice

    But you'd also be in lots more of debt. Don't consider the US unless you really really really want to be a dentist and nothing else would make you happy in the world cause from what I've heard, US dental school has costed more than double of what it costs in Canada. (including residence/travel/tuition etc.)
  4. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Any chance for interviews?

    English wasn't my best subject either so I know how you feel :/ Try converting your GPA to OMSAS and then see what it would be at. https://www.ouac.on.ca/guide/omsas-conversion-table/ If you think you can get anything above ~83% which would translate to a 3.9, then go for it!! However, if you don't need other humanities credit to graduate, don't take it. You don't specifically need an English credit as a prereq. for UofT or UWO.
  5. Ms. Chip Skylark

    UofT minimum interview GPA

    I'm guessing no BSc students with 3.75 - 3.8 right :/
  6. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?

    What other resources did you use?
  7. Thoughts on Kaplan DAT prep?
  8. On the admission requirements of DDS at UofT it says the following: It should be noted that in the last several years, the minimum GPA for those interviewed was 3.85* (4.0 scale). *Note that courses taken in the academic year, during the proposed year of entry will not be included in the calculation of the applicant's cumulative GPA. Any offer of admission, however, will be contingent upon the successful applicant maintaining an annual GPA of at least 3.0 (4.0 scale) for the current academic year.*The worst academic year will be dropped from the calculation of an applicant's undergraduate cumulative grade point average provided that (a) the applicant has completed four or more years of university education by May 31st of the proposed year of entry, and (b) the year with the lowest grades is not the applicant's most recently completed year of study. for those that can speak from experience, was 3.85 actually the cut-off?
  9. Just a little bit about me: Ontario resident WAS planning on applying to UofT and Western... now idk what to do first year gpa: 2.91/4.0 with 5 credits *hard facepalm* (gpa sucks) second year gpa: 3.41/4.0 with 4 credits *less hard facepalm* (but still pretty hard because of having only 4 credits and needing 5 for Western and my gpa not being where it needs to be) going into my third year of studies and planning on writing DAT this November what should I do?! side note: what are some good extracurriculars I can take?