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  1. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Getting over the DAT hump

    what were your ECs?
  2. Western care about extracurriculars quite a bit so you need to do something if you want interviews there. what kind of extracurriculars do they favour?
  3. Hey, So my first year was the worst year for me. I took summer classes the summer after my first year so would that be counted with my first-year marks or would they be used in the calculation with my other 3 years?
  4. Hey, How would you calculate your average for 0.5 credit and 1.0 credit classes? Would you double the mark for the 1.0 credit classes?
  5. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Applying to U of T next year?

    I don't think you'll lose anything by applying this year. You never know, you might just get in!! 3.85 isn't the cutoff btw so if you're around there with decent DAT scores, I think you'll have a chance.
  6. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Any chance for interviews?

    85-90% is 3.9 according to OMSAS
  7. Ms. Chip Skylark

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    Yeah, I wrote at UofT and the angles for angle ranking seemed a little fuzzy to me
  8. Ms. Chip Skylark

    November 2018 DAT Thoughts

    yeah, you had to balance it by adding a 2 in front of one of the products if I remember correctly. BIO/CHEM were much easier than I expected. Had to still guess a few. Was glad it wasn't calculation heavy so I had a few minutes remaining to review everything. PAT I got cocky that I had extra time for BIO/CHEM so I went slower than I usually would and ran out of time, literally had all of TFE left so circled A for them all LOL RC was probably the best section, had lots of time remaining so got to look over my answers. final thoughts: was waaaaay more stressed out than I needed to be. Need to work on timing for PAT, need to learn not to be so fixed on answering the question in front of me and just move on. Need to work on reviewing more broad concepts instead of very in detail topics/super lengthy calculations questions for BIO/CHEM. Excited to write again in February, really think I can do much better and now that I've gotten over those first-time nerves, hopefully, familiarity with the testing scenario will help with the marks as well!! wrote at UofT lab 4 and just being in the room made me so pumped for actually being in there one day as a dental student
  9. Ms. Chip Skylark

    Western Dent Shadowing Experience

    How do you approach a dentist to ask to shadow?
  10. Ms. Chip Skylark

    DAT what to expect

    Hey guys, I'll be writing the Canadian DAT at UofT this Saturday for the first time and was wondering what to expect when I sit down. How will I be seated, what will I see on the table in front of me, whats the overall atmosphere like? Kind of hoping for a step-by-step from someone who has written so I can calm my nerves a bit! How many pencils will we be given, erasers, blank sheets for rough work?? Also, are we allowed to write on the question sheets, will we be answering on a scantron, is it just a clock or is it a timer?
  11. Ms. Chip Skylark

    RC Strategy

    What I've learnt is: don't spend the entire time reading the passage and trying to memorize it. Kind of skim through and jot down main ideas about what each paragraph is about so that when a question asks about something specific, you can go back to the passage and you'll know where to look from the notes you jotted down when going through it the first time. Now you can read it properly to answer the question and you saved time by not having to look through the whole passage again and saved a mark because you didn't try to answer from memory but instead found the actual answer in the passage! I found that really helpful because the main issue with this section is time and doing this really helped me save a lot of it!
  12. Ms. Chip Skylark


  13. Ms. Chip Skylark

    DAT Advice

    OMG why is this literally me. I feel so unprepared for the Chem section and I also have midterms before that I need to study for and assignments due as well *facepalm* I feel your pain! I'm going to write it since I already paid for it so may as well go there and check it out and see how it goes. If I do well (unlikely) then great! If not, I'll be more comfortable with the test, since I already did it once, and I'll hopefully be less nervous for when I try again in February!