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  1. deadline EXTENDED! until 11:59 pm https://www.ouac.on.ca/omsas/
  2. The university I go to allows up to 2.0 credits to mark as pass/fail or credit/no credit. 2 credits is equivalent to 2 full year courses or 4 semester courses at my university. I have already used up 1.0 of those credits, and I am starting my 4th year this september. Should I just use up the remaining credits? I don't how it would hurt me, as the schools im applying to take your best 2 or 3 years, and they all allow you to take pass/fail courses. It seems like an obvious move that'll make life so much easier during my 4th year, but I feel like it's too good to be true. Am I missing something? Thanks
  3. @Meridian I have a test date booked for the end of August, so I'll have to apply this cycle. Western, queens, and Mac is what I'm looking at this cycle. Though Western is looking like the place I have the best chance in.
  4. Thank you for the advice, @Potentiate !
  5. Oh ok, that's good to know, thank you to both! Though some of the clinical placement courses have me volunteer at a hospital/school/clinic over the entire year as part of my numerical grade. I can always mention those experiences in my autobiographical sketch, right?
  6. Im about to enter my 4th year of university in september. I've taken several research courses where I help my supervisor on a project and have an end of term paper assignment. I am also planning on taking courses where I get clinical placements in the field plus regular assignments and tests. I get a numerical grade at the end of all of these courses, and they're all considered 3rd or 4th year undergrad courses. Is Queens okay with these for the 2ygpa? I am specially worried about the reasearch questions after reading this under their application process: " Degree programs or individual courses are not considered a factor in the calculation of GPAs." What does that mean? Any help is appreciated. Thank you!
  7. I am about to enter my fourth year of university in September, and I am enrolled in a couple of internship undergrad courses in 2018-2019. What are your thoughts on those? Will they put me in a better position compared to taking normal courses? I know I will gain a lot of practical experience and skills from these courses that I can talk about in my essays and interviews, but my #1 goal right now is to increase my gpa, and I heard that these internship courses can be tough. Is that true? Are they tougher than any other undergrad course at the third or fourth-year level? Also, where would I put an unpaid internship for school credit on a med school application? I wouldn't consider this volunteering obviously, so would this fall under Extracurricular activities? These courses sound like amazing opportunities because very few people get in, but I cant help but put my gpa as my #1 priority. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Thanks @swanson ! I'm actually not legible for Torontos wGPA. But yeah I'll talk about my work with children and in mma, which are two things I genuinely enjoy. My focus on ecs in the coming year will probably be just expanding on that, and maybe even combining the two (volunteer to teach kids mma maybe?). Also i think one thing I learned from lurking on this forum for years is to always pursue something you'll enjoy, and that's why I'm dedicating so much of my time to training for my amateur fight. There's so much to talk about if the interviewers ask about my amateur fight. Hopefully it pays off.
  9. Thank you both for your valuable input! I'm sure I have a chance with a great MCAT score, but I should obviously prepare myself for a possible rejection because of my gpa and short commitments. I will keep my head up and put my best foot forward. And @Butterfly_ , thank you for the kind words. I didn't take that person's comment to heart as they seemed to make that account just to troll (the account was 7 minutes old shortly after they left the comment). Anyways, I'm always open to all feedback, even the harsh ones!
  10. So you made an account just to say that? Thanks for the input though.
  11. Thank you for the response! Yeah I always thought my ecs were short. I think the focus of my application this cycle will be my work with the syrian refugee and my Muay Thai training (e.g. how I used that passion to start a club, brought affordable training to students, etc.). But like you said hopefully I can set myself up for a much better application next cycle when I have a higher gpa and longer commitments
  12. I just finished up my third year at university, and plan on applying for this upcoming cycle. I am taking the MCAT later in the summer. OMSAS GPA breakdown: 1st Year: 3.2 2nd Year: 3.79 3rd Year: 3.9 cGPA: 3.65 2 yr GPA: 3.845 EC's Breakdown: Research Assistant for 2 years. 2 publications in progress, currently working on first author publication (goal is to publish by april 2019) Lab Assistant in Psychology lab for 1 year (ongoing) - 100+ hours Mentor for Syrian kid for 1 year (ongoing) - 150+ hours Volunteer work with ASD youth at CAMH, but only for ~3 months at time of application Founded and ran Boxing Club at university - 1 year (ongoing) Practicing Muay Thai for 1 year, and plan on having my first amateur fight in September Bank Teller - 250+ hours, but only over 4 months at time of application I also plan on taking some field courses starting in september 2018, where I get to be placed in hospitals/clinics/places in the community and volunteer for course credit. Should I add these to my application, even if I'll only have 1 month of experience? Also, where would I place the experience gained from these kinds of courses on a med school application? because im not really volunteering; im getting "paid" in course credits. I know the only schools I have a chance in because of my GPA is Western, Queens, and Mac. I am worried about my short-term commitments in my EC's, and my 2 yr GPA is only barely competitive, so I wouldn't say it makes up for my EC's. What do you guys think? Would a good MCAT score that meets all cutoffs put me in a good position for these three schools? Thanks!
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