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  1. If a first-year medical student has completely spaced on doing their vaccines before a mid-October deadline, including the blood test, how screwed are they? Is there any way I could request an extension on the vaccine schedule? Or should I just drop out now and move into a van down by the river?
  2. Thanks! And really? I know that that's acceptable at U of T, but would you know if that's the case at Western?
  3. Hey all, sorry for the delayed reply. Was thinking of taking a year off to just unwind from many years of school, prepare myself for medicine, and give myself a chance to apply for MD/PhD programs (which I hadn't done before). But, after talking to numerous people and seeing all of your responses (I know I'm not eligible for a deferral), I decided to accept my offer! Thank you for all of your replies!
  4. Received a single offer for Western off of waitlist, but am considering taking a year or two off before doing medicine. What would happen if I rejected my only offer? Would I be blacklisted from Western or other medical schools in the future? I've already given my tuition deposit and indicated that I am interested in accepting, I just have not yet confirmed on OMSAS (which I must do by Wednesday)
  5. Result: Accepted to Windsor Campus off Wait-list (middle list) Timestamp: 1:56 PM EST 2 yr GPA: 3.89 MCAT: 126, 132, 130 (Phy, Bio, CARS) ECs/Volunteer: Heavy, including lots of research (though non-science and with no publications), lots of volunteering, leadership positions in a number of groups, and graduate degree funded by national scholarship Interview: Absolutely terrible, combination of not having spent enough time preparing and having a few issues the morning of (act of god led to me showing up almost late, pants ripped, computer crashed for the written part: worst hour and a half of my life) Year: Finishing Masters Geography: SWOMEN I'm absolutely psyched! Best of luck to all of you!
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