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  1. 3 year fellowship(s) vs 3 year PhD - which would add more market value to a budding surgeon? or perhaps it would vary by specialty?
  2. .... wow. why are the odds so grim if there's clearly a shortage and the majority of surgeons are brutally overworked?
  3. humane as in having the ability to retain our humanity, i guess. being able to see your family every once in a while, go on vacation, pursue interests outside of medicine, etc. i don't expect to have a cushy life by any means, but some of these hours seem to make it impossible to even find the time to foster a sense of individuality, if that makes sense. like i wanna be able to recognize my kids at a soccer game, know what their lives are like, etc. when i look at on-call hours i mostly focus on direct patient care hours -- is that not time literally spent with the patient?
  4. so it's the on-call hours that really detriment any chance at a decent lifestyle! how're your experiences as a surgical resident? obviously i still have some ways to go before i can even concretize my interest in a surgical discipline, but it's rather unfortunate that wanting a shot at a life outside medicine means sacrificing what you may be most interested in ... especially with all this talk about physician shortages despite under/unemployed fully-trained surgeons in canada. what are the prospects of working at less-than-full capacity (i.e. humane hours?) in surgery by choice?
  5. Can someone please compare the lifestyle/practice pros and cons of neurosurg, peds general, and ortho?
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