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  1. I know a couple of people who have done indigenous interview. I could be wrong but I believe they said they usually have 20 interviews and there is no limit to how many they admit to be accepted. Both people I know did not get in and tried 3 times. It's almost like a job interview with the questions they ask and will pull from your biography. I believe it's a panel of 4-5 people.
  2. I've applied once and didn't get in, I'm taking the next year to build my application. Does anyone know of some good extra- curricular to have on an application? I was wanting to join MotionBall or maybe something involving at risk youths Any suggestions!
  3. Any MMI practices groups planned for this year?
  4. Still haven't heard anything yet, last year invite came in afternoon.
  5. Does anyone know if all the indigenous offers have been sent out already? I've applied but have not heard anything yet and have only heard of one applicant in that pool that got it
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