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  1. Applied + (PT or OT?): McMaster, Western (both PT)Accepted: McMasterWaitlisted: Western (lower third)Rejected:GPA: sGPA: 3.95, cGPA: 3.85 I am excited I was accepted to McMaster, but Western was my dream school to get into. I'm putting this out there on this thread to just talk about this and see if anyone has any advice, or if anyone here is currently attending the PT program at McMaster to provide some information on how the classes run, time frames, etc. I'm finding myself needing to make a difficult decision over the next few days. My wife is pregnant with our first child and I couldn't be more thrilled I get to be a father in a few months. The only downside to this, is this is affecting my decision I need to make as far as acceptance is concerned. . Original plan if everything worked out was as follows: Get accepted to Western PT, wife gives birth mid August, we find a place to rent in London or in an area around London, we move, I go to school, work and spend time with my child when I can, and wife is on maternity leave for first year so someone is always watching the baby. Decision that needs to be made: A: Do everything in original plan, but accept McMaster and move to Hamilton or an area around Hamilton. B: Stay behind one year, apply to both programs again, and try again next year, but take this year to work to put our family in a stable financial situation. Pros about accepting McMaster and moving: #1 I get to continue with my studies in becoming a PT, my dream job since the first day of my undergrad. #2 the sooner I go and complete the program, the sooner I'm able to provide the best I possibly can for my family. Cons: #1 Hamilton and its surrounding areas are expensive as far as renting is concerned. I currently rent a beautiful townhouse and sadly can't downgrade to an apartment as we have a 100+lb dog who we love with all our hearts and could never give up or re-home due to a move. #2 Wife has to be with baby all the time and has no support system in Hamilton other than myself, who will be at school and working all the time. I'm also concerned with how much time I may miss with my first child in their first year/few years of their life. Pros about staying behind one year: #1 Better financial situation for my family moving forward with the extra year of working #2 Wife and I have a support system where we live now and can ask my mom to babysit if we ever need it. Cons: #1 I have to put everything on hold for a year #2 There is no guarantee that I will get accepted to either program next year if I reapply. I have already contacted the program coordinator at McMaster to see if I could defer my acceptance for a year due to my situation, which they stated is not an option. I also cannot accept the program and then claim parental leave unless I've been in the program for a year. Any advice anyone could provide would be extremely appreciative. I didn't have a father growing up and I want to be the best father and role model my child could ever want and need. As much as the timing of baby and school is awful, my wife and I have always wanted to have a family and that part of our life is going to happen very shortly, and we are both over the moon about it. I just want to make the best decision for myself and my family at the end of the day. I know we are all different here and come from different situations, so hoping someone out there can provide some insight or someone has some experience in the program as to what class hours are like per week and things like that. Sorry for the long post everyone. Congrats to all those who have been accepted!
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