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  1. garceyues

    Paid activities in non employment section.

    I see. So do things like that matter after you get invited for an interview?
  2. garceyues

    Paid activities in non employment section.

    Very interesting! I am just curious at to how you figured out that ECs were scored like that at the U of A? I have never heard of this point system before.
  3. garceyues

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    I guess it wouldn't really look too great as an EC if I am only doing it once a year. If I was to look into marine and air opportunities, how 'involved' with the military would I have to be? I don't want to be a soldier or anything in order to do this . Military involvement for SAR would look really good though I am sure
  4. garceyues

    St. John Ambulance to Primary Care Paramedic

    A bit off topic, but would any of you know if St. Johns Ambulance has a search and rescue program? Someone I know told me they did, but I called them and they said they didn't :/
  5. garceyues

    ECs for Ualberta

    That is good to hear! I would think that at best, they would be maybe average? But I guess I wouldn't really be the expert I will for sure be sticking with Big Brothers and Sisters. Any recommendations for improvement in regards to my ECs? Yeah, I agree that casting my net wide is definitely a wise move. Thank you for offering to do that when the time comes! It is much appreciated
  6. Hey guys, I was just looking for some feedback on my ECs. Ualberta is my top choice, and getting some feedback with other people who applied/got accepted would be much appreciated. I am currently heading into my third year. Currently, my ECs are as follows: -6 years ongoing involvement with an animal humane society -14 years ongoing involvement with soccer, will be coaching during the upcoming school year -4 years ongoing involvement with martial arts -working in a research lab this summer, should be doing a presentation at the end of it. I will be involved in research during the course of the semester in a different lab, and will continue to do summer research the following summer. -recently got involved with Big Brothers and Sisters -work experience at two different jobs from a while back I feel like they are quite underwhelming, and I am at a huge disadvantage because of this I really want to get them sorted out before I apply, but I am not really sure where to start. I have no idea how ECs are quantified or what categories/bases I should be covering, other than to follow the CANMED competencies, which seems rather vague. Any thoughts or suggestions? I really need it lol
  7. Do you have any idea if this will be something officially stated on their site, or if it will just be implemented without really announcing it?
  8. Has anyone heard any updates on how the U of A is going to assess GPA, specifically where having a 3.3 and up is considered equal in terms of GPA? There seems to be no official statement as far as I know, but I know SO many people who have said that there is truth to this, and there was that huge thread created a while back about this. Additionally, if you look at the admissions statistics for the most recent years, it seems that the average acceptance GPA has gone down, indicating that their is more of an emphasis on ECs and being a holistic applicant now. Besides that ancestral evidence, has anyone heard in updates recently?