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  1. garceyues

    OMSAS confusion

    I do not have my MCAT score yet. Will this effect my ability to select/see that option? I do not see the "My reports" area in the drop down menu on the MCAT reporting site.
  2. Hello, I have a rather urgent question regarding the OMSAS application. Regarding releasing my MCAT score to OMSAS, do I only have to enter my MCAT testing date and AAMC ID on the OMSAS application portal, or must I also do something on the AAMC website? I am pretty sure I have to do something with the AAMC, but their site is honestly really cluttered, and my MCAT score will not be released until October 2nd. What should I be doing?
  3. 1) How do I get my transcript sent in if I am an OOP applicant from Alberta? According to OMSAS, "To be official, transcripts from universities outside of Ontario must be sent directly from the Registrar's Office." Does this mean I have to go into my school's registrar office and tell them they need to send a copy of my transcript to OMSAS? I am just really confused about this in general. 2) For the ABS, what does level of education entail, and how does this pertain to certain activities that aren't related to education at all, like a sport I have done? 3) If I have a one time activity, like a research presentation/conference, what would I put for hours? Would I put one hour, or would I put all the hours it took to do my research and make the presentation, rather than just the presentation itself?
  4. To what GPA decimal place does U of T round? For example, would a 3.85 be rounded to a 3.9?
  5. garceyues


    Does Ottawa assess differently if you are an out of province applicant? Someone told me that there is a higher cutoff for out of province applicants, but I cannot seem to find where it says that on their site.
  6. I have currently just started my third year of my undergraduate degree, and was planning on applying to only McMaster this cycle as an OOP. My MCAT date is too late to apply within my home province, so I am only eligible for Ontario schools. Given my stats, I have decided that it would be best to only apply to McMaster, as my CARS score was typically really high for my practice scores, but I ran out of time to adequately study for the other sections and will most likely have a mediocre score. My GPA also isn't the best cause of a low first year. All that being said, I know that mac weights GPA, CARS and casper equally at the pre-interview stage, and that these are the only factors used to select. Given these selection factors and that I am only applying to McMaster, would I even have to fill out the sketch/verifier section? It would be nice to not have to waste time on that if they aren't even going to look at it.
  7. garceyues

    Research Hours

    If I am including research hours in an application, research hours still count if the research conducted is part of a masters or a undergraduate research course, correct? Someone told me you can only use research hours if it is as a volunteer or if you are getting paid(as a job or through an NSERC or something).
  8. garceyues

    Organizations for Service Trips

    This sounds like a good idea. Any recommendations on how to approach this?
  9. I have been thinking of going on a service trip next summer to assist in a poorer area. While I am involved in many activities locally, I feel as though this will be a humbling experience that will offer a lot of insight into how other areas of the world are. I definitely do not want to pick a voluntourism type organization in which I spend most of my time loafing around rather than assisting the less fortunate. Does anyone have any recommendations for organization that do this?
  10. garceyues

    GPA/MCAT question

    Thank you so much! So if I dropped one of those 300 level courses, that year would no longer be eligible for consideration, correct?
  11. 1) From what I understand, you have to meet certain cutoffs to be considered for admission depending on which pool of applicants you are in. For out of province applicants, this is a 3.7 GPA and a certain MCAT score which includes a 129 CARS. If I meet this requirements, will my GPA and MCAT no longer be looked at, or am I still competing with other applicants in terms of my GPA and MCAT? With ECs also being looked at, could this high CARS cutoff be lowered? 2) Additionally, I noticed there seems to be a 3/5 full year course requirement. If I am in third year, and I am taking a full 10 course load (5 courses per semester), 6 of my 10 courses will have to be at the 300 level or higher for me to be able to use that year in my GPA calculation, correct?
  12. garceyues

    Ottawa Change PREREQS?

    Doesn't having a B in those courses count as well?
  13. What did you do to increase your CARS score?
  14. Hello all, I was looking into Quebec schools, but I unfortunately am not fluent in french. Does anyone know if any Quebec schools offer an English med program?
  15. In regards to having the worst academic year dropped, my worst year would still be dropped if I am applying to U of C during my fourth and final year of my undergrad degree, correct?