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  1. Hey, I am not a successful applicant per se, but I will be applying this cycle. I would be willing to exchange non-maritime statements with you so that we could offer each other some mutual feedback.
  2. Hello all, I was just wondering if there are any current or past OOP dal applicants that would be willing to exchange non-maritime statements? I understand that this is super important for getting to the interview stage so I am looking to gain as much feedback as possible here!
  3. This program seems to be fairly sought after by people on this forum and those who are generally interested in medicine/healthcare. Does anyone know what the appeal of this degree is and why it seems to be so popular? I understand the attractiveness of a 1-year program with some experiential learning opportunities, but I am not sure what this program looks like in terms of independent career prospects or improving an applicant's chances for getting into medical school. I am just looking to hear people’s thoughts/experiences and gain some insight into this program in case its something I decide to pursue in the future.
  4. Wow do you have an article/source on the students that dropped out? That sounds like a huge red flag imo
  5. Could not agree more. There are so many issues with QuARMs to begin with, but I think selecting anyone to enter medical school from high school (given that they maintain some requirements throughout their degree) is incredibly flawed. Like you said, many of those who will take advantage of QuARMs will be more likely to be connected and would have to know about it beforehand. Many students don't enter university right out of high school or make the decision to pursue medicine that early in life. I would argue it ultimately reduces diversity as it doesn’t support non-traditional applicants in their pursuit of medicine, such as someone who decides to pursue medicine at 25. I think if they had 10 seats reserved for undergraduate applicants, that would be far better.
  6. I would also encourage you to reach out to the admissions advisors to inquire. You probably won't get anything, but it never hurts to ask.
  7. Pretty puzzling result. I don't really know how you could not be offered an interview besides not meeting some sort of other threshold or cutoff they have, such as CASPer, references, or some sort of verification endorsment like others have mentioned. I would be curious as to whether anyone has any alternative explanations. I have personally wondered whether the score distributions are heavily skewed, resulting in mean scores that aren't neccesarily representative of what is needed to obtain an interview.
  8. I can't say I agree with your assessment. I wasn't even in the crowd that wanted winter 2020 to be discounted, but to say that everyone could adjust equally just isn't true. There are so many pandemic induced factors we could sit here and brainstorm that would result in different outcomes for some far beyond normal circumstances. Some of my acquaintances that come to mind include those that had their living or financial situation drastically upended. Try to be more considerate of others circumstances, especially if you want to enter medical school/some health profession. I agree that recent changes outside of winter 2020 have not been conducive to students who may have faced barriers to success or have struggled to adapt initially. U of T and UBC come to mind (UBC's new changes blow my mind), but I don't think Ottawa's changes were particularly unfair. I am not sure how you can generalize all Canadian medical schools and the admin/faculty therein. I am a huge fan of U of Cs transparency and open communication, and they have truly gone above and beyond to fairly compensate students during these unprecedented times. The end of your post leads me to think that you are a troll- do you legitimately believe that you know what is best for MD programs and admissions processes as a "premed?" A revolution in this context sounds incredibly entitled and out of touch with reality. We enter medicine to serve patients, communities, society etc. MD admissions committees ultimately exist to select future doctors to meet those ends. They do not exist to serve premeds. Please try to think more critically and from a broader perspective.
  9. Did anyone manage to get an interview with a 126 CARS score? I went through some olds threads for this last cycle and it doesn't seem to be the case, but just thought I would ask.
  10. After all those statement from schools about doing their best to accommodate applicants during these unprecedented times, it seems as though UBC has done just the opposite. I am not really sure what the rationale for this would be beyond ultimately screening for applicants with an even more flawless academic history.
  11. My CARS is unfortunately a 126, which is far lower than my other sections. I'm an Albertan, so that CARS score won't be helpful for U of C. I have recently graduated and I fear I won't really have a good time to rewrite the MCAT considering I will be working full time and juggling other commitments for the foreseeable future or going back to school for something else.
  12. I was planning to use this summer to retake my MCAT (512) in hopes of becoming a more competitive applicant and securing an interview. I thought this summer would be ideal to retake given that covid has put many things on hold. However, this was ultimately not the case for myself. I have been working a full-time job, have a couple of manuscripts I have to finish up, getting a head start on editing my EC entries etc. I was lucky enough to only work part time last summer while taking my MCAT, which ultimately was key in finding time to both study and balance my commitments. I have been finding myself continually exhausted after work, yet I simultaneously have difficulty sitting in my chair because I have so much energy to burn from sitting all day. I feel as though I would have to literally sit for 16 hours a day with practically no breaks to accomplish everything (perhaps this is what studying in residency looks like lol). Should I try to stick it out and keep studying? I am definitely behind relatively speaking, but I think relearning the material has been somewhat quicker to accomplish. However, I still haven’t even taken a single FL and I am a month and a half out. I am debating if it would be best to just forget taking a rewrite for this cycle. Any thoughts?
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