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  1. Someone correct me if I am wrong here, but isn't the life highlights (not life experiences) section not actually factored into your EC score but instead used at interviews should you attain one? This would change things as you would effectively only be assessed based on achievements/duties pre-interview should you choose not to put in any lessons/reflections into your EC descriptions.
  2. What would one do in the case of having a lot of research experience/awards (conference presentations, studentships, publications, general lab experince) distributed over multiple labs? Given that you can only have two verifiers per entry, how could you list extensive research achievements and experience distributed over more than two labs?
  3. I was pretty hopeful coming into this cycle given that my stats are practically right on average for accepted IP applicants. I suspect that the GPA distribution is skewed however. If they reported the median GPA of invited applicants, I would wager its higher than the reported mean. This is of course speculation, but anecdotally most people I know with interviews had higher GPAs. I think I can definitely perform better on the MCAT- I knew I could have done better, but it was a matter of balancing studying with my summer work schedule (same dilemma this time around). My CARS is definitely a concern for U of C. Most of my activities were about 2-3ish years in length with a hundred to a few hundred hours. I am not sure if that is considered weak or not, but I was definitely able to balance a lot during school so I am not sure if that counts for something. There were a couple outliers that I had been doing for a lot longer, and a couple things I had just started but felt would be worthwhile to include. I think I should have been very meticulous about wording and editing my ECs from the moment the application portals opened, as I only really got into writing things well into September due to the MCAT/a ton of other commitments. I didn't really know many people to compare applications with either, so perhaps I will have to seek out some feedback in that regard. I can't think of any verifiers that would have any reason to flag me- I seemed to have a good relationship with them all and I fulfill my duties to the best of my ability. One of the scariest parts of this process is that anyone one verifier could effectively be preventing me from receiving an interview, whether for a valid reason or not I am doing my best to map out alternative careers right now. Maybe a course-based masters degree will be able to give me some employment experience that could bolster my application while providing a viable alternative career should all else fail. I just don’t want to have completed 6+ years of post-secondary to make practically no more money than I could have without pursuing post-secondary.
  4. Not even my thread because I didn't even get an interview, but I figure the interview invites thread is probably dead. I wasn't going to post because I was pretty rattled about not getting an interview, but at the end of the day the outcome is the same. Perhaps I can offer someone some insight through this post, however minor that may be. Result: Ragrets Geography: IP GPA: 3.81 MCAT: 512 (126 CARS ) Degree: BSc 2020 E.Cs: Construction/warehouse job, paid oncology research position for a summer with several conference presentations, award to intern at a clinic for vulnerable populations, paid after school science and programming teacher, developed and sold an original product through a business team composed of high school students back in the day, later mentored high school students in developing their own product/business, leadership role for a student mental health initiative/film, primary event organizer for a registered charity where I lead multiple executive teams and several hundred volunteers in collaboration with stakeholders in the private and public sectors, student group executive position, drug and injury awareness program volunteer, first aid responder, volunteer in a different lab with a conference presentation, an unfinished lit review and a manuscript submitted for review, big brothers and sisters, two long term sports activities with evolving roles, music, international volunteer trip. 5/17. Thoughts: I think it is apparent that I am an utterly mediocre applicant. Through browsing these forums and consulting with others going through this process, it anecdotally seems as though everyone has one or two extremely strong portions of their application. It doesn’t seem as though I have truly excelled in any one area by comparison. I thought my extracurriculars would be enough to push me over the interview threshold, but that was not the case. I am really not sure where to go from here; my GPA will be a ~3.83 because of Fall 2019 (~3.87 at Calgary because of how they are dealing with winter 2020), but I don't think that will make a huge difference. I have a studentship award for a research coordinator job along with a first author publication that will come out of that (thankfully COVID didn't shut down my project). There is another project I have been collaborating on regarding vulnerable populations, and I will also be a co-author on a manuscript for that. Other than those two points and a couple of things I didn’t mention in my application, I will essentially have the same activities as there is not much you can change within a summer, much less one where a global pandemic is underway. I don't think my MCAT is doing my any favours so I am in the process of retaking that. There frankly isn't a better time to retake my MCAT considering most of my activities are postponed, but I honestly feel pretty burnt and I am not sure if I will be able to score higher. It truly blew my mind to see just how amazing so many applicants are, whether that be a flawless GPA/MCAT or amazing/extremely long term extracurricular contributions. I would be lying if I said not attaining any interviews didn't hurt, but I think that’s on me for letting this process consume me. I am thinking it might be time to look into alternative careers, but I am not sure what that would entail, and entering into another professional program could potentially sink my GPA and end my med chances once and for all. I definitely have some thinking and re-evaluating to do.
  5. Wow, what were your other stats if you don't mind me asking? Congrats on getting interviews! To answer your question OP, I also do not think it is worth it. Your MCAT is above average for IP Alberta, and that CARS score will do a lot for you.
  6. Whenever the question comes up as to whether someone should do a masters to get into medical school, the usual response seems to be that it isn't worth it purely for the sake of admission. However, the degree can provide a slight boost to GPA, research experience/publications, set you up for an alternate career etc. However, there is one topic that I don't see discussed very much: is a masters degree worth it to match into a competitive residency? It seems to be the case that research productivity and publications are a very important component of matching to competitive residencies, alongside having relevant electives and good reference letters (with ECs playing a smaller role). Given that research and publications are almost required to even have a chance at a competitive residency match, would it be a good idea to do a masters before or during medical school to get adequate research experience and some publications? I know that it is possible to get publications and research experience during medical school, but time is obviously limited during 3 or 4 years of intense learning, shadowing, doing other activities etc. Of course, this is all contingent upon someone actually gaining admission to med, but let’s assume that is the case for the sake of argument here. Is a masters degree almost necessary now to be safe in matching to a competitive residency?
  7. So if someone was going to apply and they were missing an English prerequisite course, they effectively could not apply that cycle, even though they could take that prereq during that cycle?
  8. Is this an exaggeration, or do many plastics candidates legitimately have that many publications? I am struggling to think of how that might be possible without doing a PhD. Do most plastics gunners aim to get into clinical research, as this allows for quicker publications? This seems kind of unfair to applicants who might have done basic science research and had a similar overall research productivity but only 1 or 2 publications to show for it. I am not even in medical school, and current med students say not to even think about residency until you are in med school, but how can you not when the bar is set so high for competitive specialities :/
  9. Hmm, the only thing I can think of would be tripping some sort of red flag or pass/fail type thing. This could only really come down to CASPer or references I think.
  10. I have similar fears, although my academic work is with Indigenous populations. I frankly wouldn't be the one to ask, but I wish you all the best.
  11. What is the general consensus on reading Doing Right for interview prep? I have heard that many people only recommend reading the first chapter. I understand that actively practicing MMI questions and thinking on the spot obviously goes a lot further than simply reading a book. How much of it should I read?
  12. Hello all, I was looking to put together a small med MMI prep group to start prepping early (as in as soon as possible). I know interview invites don't come out for a while, but some current med students have recommended to start prepping well in advance. If there is any interest let me know!
  13. It seems unlikely to me that they would just disregard it without verification. If one verifier doesn't respond out of 15 lets say, I don't see them doing that unless they made multiple attempts to contact the verifier in addition to contacting the applicant.
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