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  1. Sorry, I am not very knowledgable on this- could anyone briefly fill me in? Additionally, is this residency issue just a Canadian thing, or is it also going on in the States? What is behind it?
  2. garceyues

    Huge Dillema, Really Unsure

    I wouldn't go below full course load, as I would be taking 6 courses to make up for it this semester. I am confident I can handle that load. And yes, you are correct about the U of T WGPA.
  3. Hey all, so I am going to have to make a really big decision soon that I feel will impact my ability to apply to medical school. There was this special interdisciplinary program that I decided to join at my university, trying to be a keener and all. Long story short, it has been a nightmare plagued with endless problems. There isn't really a point in discussing all the issues I have with it, but the whole thing has been extremely shady, biased and overhyped. This would all be bearable, except for the fact that it is tanking my GPA. At this point, I really just want to withdraw from the program and the courses. There are two full year courses I must complete for this program, each of which is worth a half course per semester. Essentially, these two full year courses are weighted as two regular courses all together. Now here is the issue: I already have two withdrawals from my first year. The first time was genuinely my fault; I did not know how to study coming out of high school and blew a midterm. The second semester in first year, I went through a horrendous long term break up that affected my ability to study towards the end of it. I know it seems like a garbage excuse, but it was pretty significant for me. Since then, I have figured out how to study, and my grades have experienced an upward trend, despite taking on more ECs. Last semester, I managed to get straight As, aside from the two year-round courses in this program that I won't have a grade for until April. I cannot express how much disdain I have for this whole program. I genuinely despise being in it, and I dread every single lecture. If I was to withdraw, I would have FOUR withdrawals on my transcript, two from first year and two during third year. I am confident that I could get straight As next semester even with 6 courses to make up for a withdrawal, but this program is extremely biased and unfair, and I feel as though I am being singled out by my prof and certain staff. I don't want to be written off or carry some sort of stigma in my med applications because of having four withdrawals. I also don't want my GPA to take a hit because of something that is completely out of my control. I feel as though I would be finished for out of province schools should I continue with this program based upon my GPA predictions. These aren't normal courses, and my hard work literally means nothing in this program. I regret doing this so much and I just want out of it. What do you guys think I should do? I am feeling really lost and unsure
  4. garceyues

    MMI prep

    Anyone in Edmonton looking to do some MMI prep over the holidays? I would love to get together with some people and mutually support each other
  5. Hey everyone, I have been looking into interview prep and I am feeling pretty lost. Does anyone have any companies or interview prep coaches they would recommend? I know there are resources on this site to help, but I don't really have a way to critique myself, so I was wondering if professional help would be better? If anyone has any experinces or advice they would like to offer, that would be much appreciated.
  6. garceyues

    Clinical Research or Laboratory Research?

    If I already have plenty of lab research, would it be prudent to try clinical research? I also am not the biggest on lab research- I enjoy it, but I couldn't see myself doing it forever. Clinical research seems like it would interest me more and would be more directly applciacble to life if that makes any sense. Getting published easier is also a bonus What do you guys think?
  7. garceyues

    Competitive Matching

    What I am asking is if a four year program is more ideal for competitive specialties. Obviously I realize that U of C is still a great program and people do match to competitive specialties.
  8. If I am hoping to match into a competitive speciality, would U of C's three year programme be a hinderance to doing so? Would it be possible to take an extra year for research and electives in order to assist in bolstering my applciation, or would I be out of luck in that regard?
  9. garceyues

    OMSAS confusion

    I do not have my MCAT score yet. Will this effect my ability to select/see that option? I do not see the "My reports" area in the drop down menu on the MCAT reporting site.
  10. Hello, I have a rather urgent question regarding the OMSAS application. Regarding releasing my MCAT score to OMSAS, do I only have to enter my MCAT testing date and AAMC ID on the OMSAS application portal, or must I also do something on the AAMC website? I am pretty sure I have to do something with the AAMC, but their site is honestly really cluttered, and my MCAT score will not be released until October 2nd. What should I be doing?
  11. 1) How do I get my transcript sent in if I am an OOP applicant from Alberta? According to OMSAS, "To be official, transcripts from universities outside of Ontario must be sent directly from the Registrar's Office." Does this mean I have to go into my school's registrar office and tell them they need to send a copy of my transcript to OMSAS? I am just really confused about this in general. 2) For the ABS, what does level of education entail, and how does this pertain to certain activities that aren't related to education at all, like a sport I have done? 3) If I have a one time activity, like a research presentation/conference, what would I put for hours? Would I put one hour, or would I put all the hours it took to do my research and make the presentation, rather than just the presentation itself?
  12. To what GPA decimal place does U of T round? For example, would a 3.85 be rounded to a 3.9?
  13. garceyues


    Does Ottawa assess differently if you are an out of province applicant? Someone told me that there is a higher cutoff for out of province applicants, but I cannot seem to find where it says that on their site.