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  1. What is the general consensus on reading Doing Right for interview prep? I have heard that many people only recommend reading the first chapter. I understand that actively practicing MMI questions and thinking on the spot obviously goes a lot further than simply reading a book. How much of it should I read?
  2. Hello all, I was looking to put together a small med MMI prep group to start prepping early (as in as soon as possible). I know interview invites don't come out for a while, but some current med students have recommended to start prepping well in advance. If there is any interest let me know!
  3. It seems unlikely to me that they would just disregard it without verification. If one verifier doesn't respond out of 15 lets say, I don't see them doing that unless they made multiple attempts to contact the verifier in addition to contacting the applicant.
  4. Is this normal for verifiers to be contacted this early in the cycle? Only one of mine has been contacted so far to my knowledge, but is this a red flag or anything if it is occuring this early on?
  5. Correct me if I am wrong, but U of S doesn't look at extracirriculars or experinces to my knowledge. If this is the case, than how can it be argued that they value diversity? IMO the MMI cannot thoroughly select for diverse applicants or those with unique experinces on its own.The only thing I could see in regards to them valuing diversity would be having seats for rural and indigenous applicants, but I am personally unaware of how many seats they reserve for each of those. I understand the need to keep physicians within Sask, and obviously if you train someone born in Sask they are more likely to practice there. With all that being said, I don't think it is fair to say that a value on diversity explains the relatively low stats for IP matriculants. Evidence points to the source of this being lower amounts of competition.
  6. Not that I am the expert on this, but I sincerely hope that they increase residency spots as well, or at least have some gap (in the maritimes?) that they are trying to fill. The last thing we need is more people going unmatched.
  7. I believe it is 3 courses each based on what they have on their site for fall/winter.
  8. Wow... this will surely hurt a lot of applicants if it is the case. Considering rumours that the U of A is moving away from "just high stats" applicants, I wonder how much this would hurt well rounded applicants with one lower year. It kind of sucks that fourth years for the last cycle would have quite an advantage on us in that scenario, but I guess that is the nature of this process
  9. Sorry for posting a year later, I am just a first time applicant looking for information on old posts What do you mean by preparing stories? Did this just entail thinking of some meaningful experinces?
  10. What did you think of the programs offered at each school you were accepted at, and what made you choose U of A in the end?
  11. Hey all, I was just searching for some previous threads that have supposedly been posted on how to essentially properly word and write the key areas on your application. Obviously, there is the general advice like write based off of CANMEDS, show how you grew from your experience or what you learned etc. However, I was looking for some more detailed posts on how to write an application beyond the aforementioned. I have used the search bar to no avail, and haven't really been able to find anything unfortunately. Could anyone link me to some of these previous threads/guidelines? Thank you
  12. Forgive me, as I am sure this has been asked a trillion times, but I am just looking for some clarification. The following is stated on UWO's website: "It is acceptable to attend university on a part-time basis and still be considered for admission to the MD Program. However, given the rigorous nature of medical education, we require that two years be spent in full-time study (September to April) in which each year contains the minimum of five full or equivalent courses (30 credit hours), with at least three full course equivalents (18 credit hours) whose published academic level is at or above the year of study: Year 1: three of five full course equivalents at or above the first-year level Year 2: three of five full course equivalents at or above the second-year level Year 3, 4 and additional undergraduate years: three of five full course equivalents at or above the third-year level." I am currently a U of A student entering my fourth year. If I am taking 10 courses during my fourth year as a full time student (5 per semester), does this mean that as long as 6/10 of my courses are 300 or 400 level (3rd of 4th year courses), I will be fine? I was previously under the impression that for the fourth year, I had to make sure 6/10 of my courses were at the 400 level, not the 300 or 400 level. I am currently registered to take four 300 lvl and 2 400 lvl courses for my final year- should this be alright? Thank you everyone Update: Answered my own question with the FAQ Everyone disregard this post
  13. Keep us all updated if you learn anything of interest !
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I have no idea how they will alter it, if it all. I am a first-time applicant this cycle, so I am not even completely sure if this isn't some disclaimer type thing they post on their site annually. That being said, this could be good or bad. I was definitely a fan of the drop the lowest year policy, but something like a Queens/Western style weighting also wouldn't be bad IMO. Hopefully they don't switch to something akin to U of T, or remove the weighting altogether. Changes like that would hurt my chances severely It could even be as minor as no longer assessing spring/summer courses taken on a full time basis. I don't know if anyone can truly answer this. We will probably just have to wait and see.
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