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  1. Sounds like a plan! Is every other dental school pretty much out of reach for myself? And is shadowing considered to be an admission requirment in some sense? I have a good amount of experince outside of academics, but nothing is explictly dental related.
  2. Has anyone here done a masters in public policy? I have been considering pursuing one for the sake of a related career. Any thoughts, experinces or advice is appreciated.
  3. Agreed. This promise obviously sounds appealing, but anyone somewhat knowledgable on the topic would be aware of the problems inherent wiith creating a new medical school. Without at least an equivalent increase in residency spots, this seems like a totally useless initiative imo. I don't mean to offend anyone excited by this promise- I am merely stating that things aren't that simple
  4. I guess beggars can't be choosers, but it seems a bit ridiculous to distill the variability in MCAT scores down to brackets like that. Like I get a 525 to a 528 isn't that different, but a 511 vs a 516? Definitely not the same thing.
  5. Any room for one more OOP dal applicant here? Really hopeful to receive an interview to Dal!
  6. https://www.ualberta.ca/medicine/programs/md/applying-to-medicine/before-you-apply/important-notices-and-dates.html According to this link, the application deadline is October 15th. To be completely frank though, I have also been nervous about at least some component of the application being due on Oct 1st, but Oct 1st is not even listed as an important date in the link I provided. I guess thats just the neuroticism that comes with applying to medicine I will probably send off an email to the admissions office just to confirm things anyway LOL
  7. Hello everyone, Would anyone be willing to exchange applications for the sake of review/constructive feedback? PM me if so
  8. Do you really think fine tunnig EC descriptions doesn't have much merit? I have been trying to do just that and the sentiment I have got from this forum is that wording matters
  9. If you don't mind me asking, what did you do to prepare?
  10. Hello all, I was just looking for some feedback on whether dentistry could be something I am able to pursue. I am an unsuccessful first-time med applicant looking to explore some alternative career options. I recently finished my undergrad with the following GPA breakdown: 3.4 3.7 3.9 4.0 (second semester I was forced to take CRs although I was on track for a 4 that sem as well). I am only really familiar with how admissions works for U of A dent since I am IP for Alberta. Given that they drop my lowest year, I would have a ~3.84 for U of A assuming that they don't assign fall 2019 a weighting of 30 credits for the sake of calculations. This already puts me at a huge disadvantage given that the average admission GPA was 3.89. I would assume that the median GPA score is most likely even higher. Would there be any hope for me to obtain a U of A interview without a near-perfect DAT score? Additionally, would I have any hope for OOP schools with my GPA? I know that schools often have IP advantages, and my GPA would be lower on the UBC and OMSAS scales :/ I haven't taken the DAT obviously, but it's not something I want to write if admission is broadly out of my reach. Given the aforementioned, is dent something that I could pursue, or would it be best to look elsewhere? I know dent is something I could see myself in given the many similarities it shares with medicine, but I could never do an extra undergrad or something super time consuming just to be moderately competitive 3/4 years down the line.
  11. I wonder if the increase in age is a reflection of further emphasis on life experiences and ECs. Interesting to see that the median GPA and MCAT scores are higher than the means, but I can't say I'm surprised. I am definitely glad they have started reporting medians, as more transparency is always nice. I have always wanted to see the distribution of GPA/MCAT/EC scores (I think Calgary releases something like this with GPA and MCAT/CARS if I remember correctly). I just wish they would be more transparent with how we are assessed :/
  12. This is something that has been bothering me a lot for the past while. I was never the type to tell people about my career aspirations unsolicited (I didn't want to come off as pretentious or entitled), but of course if people asked me about it, I wasn't going to be dishonest with them about my ambitions. Every instance of speaking with a family member over the phone or catching up with a friend has led to the inevitable "did you get in?" question which I am so sick of having to answer. Having to say “I didn't make” it over and over brings back feelings of failure and disappointment. I try to stay off social media to a reasonable extent, but seeing application success posts and the endless praise that comes with them always leaves me reflecting upon my own journey. I am of course happy for those that have made it, but it always brings to mind my own shortcomings and how I could be there alongside them. Its hard seeing everyone starting med while my own efforts were unsuccessfully and my future is largely uncertain. Even recontacting my verifiers has been difficult. How do you guys take your mind off of things and not let it get to you? I haven’t really had a break from trying to get into med since the summer after first year. Endless activities and MCAT retakes have consumed my time. I try to do things that are meaningful to me, but scheduling and the level of commitment demanded of me leaves me without balance and largely unfulfilled. Even during Christmas, I would go into labs so that I could get my research done with less on my plate. Given that so much of my life revolves around med admissions, it is rather difficult to remove myself from my outcomes. The way I see it, the only way I can give myself some breathing room is if I either get in or give up. Even pursuing an alternate career will mean more schooling and stress, and who’s to say I can keep up with all of my activities during another degree to remain competitive? Any thoughts or advice?
  13. Thanks for all of the extensive information. It seems as though the mac route is just an accelerated MPH, which may be better for finishing earlier but may leave you with fewer career prospects and connections. I will continue to research things, but this is definitely some good food for thought
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