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  1. First post! I've been accepted into the DDS programs at both UofT (OOP) and Dal (IP), and I'm really hoping to get some input from current students and alumni out there. I realize this is a good problem to have, but I'm trying to make the most informed decision I can. I also know that a few Maritimers usually face this debate every year, so it's not only me your helping! Dal has a brand new clinic and sim lab, friendly faculty, students get more clinic hours than at UofT, tuition is slightly less and Halifax is cheaper to live in. Dal also has great community outreach opportunities and electives in public health, OMFS and peds. But, Dal DDS students do not do any perio procedures beyond scaling (this is major for me because I think I'll really enjoy perio), research opportunities are limited, class rankings are released (I believe) and I would prefer to live in Toronto (although I will probably return to the east coast to practice). I know Dal students do tons of oral surgery, so would the flaps and suturing that you do in these cases make up for the lack of 'true' perio? I don't know as much about UofT. I know the faculty is extremely friendly, students experience everything clinically (albeit with some molar endo hiccups), I like their curriculum a bit more than Dal's (but they are very similar), research opportunities are plentiful, rankings are not released, and students have more exposure to specialty programs. But, the clinics and especially the sim labs are s-c-r-e-a-m-i-n-g for renovations, and Toronto would be the more expensive option. I'm also concerned that the student:instructor ratio in the clinics might be high, resulting in longer wait times to get work checked. Also, could anyone comment on what electives are usually available in fourth year? I find the UofT website is vague about this. Proximity to family is not a big factor for me - Halifax isn't that close to home anyway. Class size is not a big factor either. Any thoughts? If you know any other helpful info about each school, please share! I'd really appreciate opinions. Thanks!
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