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  1. I've heard this from a few residents while shadowing as well - provides learning opportunities, but also it reflecting poorly on your dedication/desire to learn if you take post-call days. Not in that boat but, do people generally retain a lot of what they learn during this time? Is this about squeezing in as many cases as possible during residency? Sounds like residents would be pretty sleep deprived.
  2. What happened to AB's urology? 2 spots left in a 2-3 spot program...
  3. Sorry to revive a dead thread but it was pretty related and their aren't too many threads on Windsor. I've been really lucky this cycle to have the option of choosing between Windsor and another school (large city). Distance to family and friends, cost of attendance, access to support etc all weigh in favor of the other school. However, I'm really drawn to the idea of the smaller campus and the opportunity to get to know your preceptors and get more hands on experience. I have no idea about specialties or anything like that yet but if I did decide to go down that road, wouldn't Windsor be at a disadvantage? eg. harder to arrange electives in xyz since it isn't offered at Windsor. I'm hoping not to shut any doors. Could anyone advise? Thank you!
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