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    I agree. I tend to look at it like this: if you have a weakness, you know about it and you aren't working on it, you now have two weaknesses. I've also been told that it is also a mistake to state a weakness and then turn it around and say "but it's really a strength because....".
  2. Just wanted to point out that in order to "choose money over medicine", one would have to be accepted into medical school first. You can't truly choose between two options if you are only offered one option.
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    How to deal with anxiety?

    I agree with this! I'm just the wife (not a doctor, med student or med school applicant) of a guy with a PhD who is starting med school in September. I agree that stress and anxiety seem to be part of the package when it comes to medicine. I think that you've been given a lot of great advice. Sometimes it isn't easy to change the way that you think especially if depression and/or anxiety are in the mix. Even if you don't feel that you have overwhelming depression/anxiety, counseling or therapy could be a great option for you. It could be helpful to develop coping skills and also work on other soft skills that relate to CANMED roles which will, in turn, help you ace that interview when it comes.