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  1. I’m just wondering if anyone has looked into USyd for DMD and how it compares to UCC (Ireland)
  2. Why not? They’re accredited in Canada
  3. I’d love to hear about the process!
  4. Hi there, I’m new to the field of dentistry, I was wondering about people’s thoughts on university college cork and trinity for going abroad?
  5. My first two years were bad, I did a lot better in my fourth year and last half of third, I’m taking a fifth year now I just don’t want to wait too long and end up going abroad anyways
  6. I know it’s super common for Canadians at st.georges to match to the us but what about at RCSI? Also what is the process of finding a Job in Canada like after you complete residency?
  7. Hi there I would appreciate any input, in terms of returning to canada for residency would I have better luck with a USMD school or RCSI or University College of Dublin?
  8. If you want to complete rescidency in Ontario which school would be better to attend as a last resort; royal college of surgeons in Ireland or St. George’s in Grenada?
  9. Hi guys, im planning on doing a fifth undergraduate year to complete a thesis and boost my gpa, does it make a difference when applying to med schools if I were to graduate and return for course or should I put off graduating until next year? Many help is appreciated, thanks
  10. I messed up my first two years due to personal issues and did a looot better in my third year (3.7) I’m expecting 3.9 for my fourth year so assuming I can do that for fourth and a fifth year I was wondering if I could possibly qualify for interviews
  11. If I have a strong 4th and 5th year (undergrad) and a good MCAT do I stand a chance at getting interviews in Ontario?
  12. I’d be applying in Ontario
  13. I’d be applying primarily in Ontario
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