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    Pharm.D Help

    Hello everyone, I was wondering about the pharm.D program. Everyone I talk to discourages me from choosing this path and warns me about the unemployment possibility. One pharmacist I talked to told me about the bleak outlook due to the budget cut. I have also read extremely negative feedbacks on forums regarding pharmacy. However, I am extremely interested in this subject are, but the negative outlook of this profession scares me. I do not know if what they are saying is true because from my research the opportunities still appear to be good. Can someone shed some light on this topic?
  2. Thank you My bear tracks updated first then I got the email.
  3. I just got accepted today, so please don't lose hope; they are still accepting. I was certain that I was rejected after such long wait. I submitted my transcript very late, just couple days before the deadline. I did my interview on June 1st. As for my stat, my last 2 years GPA 3.89 (Upward trend last few semesters 4.0) Pre req GPA 3.57
  4. I wanted to make sure I have all the pre req done by this year, so I did it through Athabasca, as my schedule was already full. It went really well; it’s a lot of memorization though. I really hope they get back to you tomorrow. I knew bio 331 didn’t count for that requirement, because I read it somewhere before. The micro bio class from u of c counts though.
  5. Omg! This is terrible! You should definitely contact them regarding it. I took the microbiology course separately from Athabasca (I am from u of c). However, for stat I took BIOL 315 and pharmacy advisor said it will replace stat requirement (now I’m afraid they will do the same). Did you contact pharmacy department?
  6. Wow, seems like lots of people are getting accepted already, congrats. My final transcript wasn’t received till earlier this week, I hope that doesn’t put me in a disadvantage :( Good luck to the people who are waiting; this waiting seems dreadful.
  7. Congrats everyone to those who got admission.
  8. I called the admission office couple days ago. They mentioned that the committee will be getting together in the middle of June, so the decision will be sent out around the end of the month.