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  1. gingerbread12

    Pediatric Rheumatology

    You still must've learned about this in preclerkship though?
  2. I think a lot comes from just doing the rotations too. I thought i would love family because i imagined getting to do everything and coaching patients on preventative medicine. Turns out I really do not enjoy long term management of msk complaints - or managing DM2. In fact I just prefer acute/emergent/definitive management of things- but prior to doing some stuff I could've imagined in my head liking anything and everything.
  3. gingerbread12

    Pediatric Specialties with shift work?

    Maybe shift is the wrong word, but I thought they would sort of work 1-2 weeks on and 1-2 off. Although this could be american information for sure. True I would say I am definitely looking more at a locum or part-time position.
  4. I am wondering how many paediatric specialties have shift work? I assume neonatologists would, and PICU docs. But the endo, general, and cards peds docs I talked to were all salaried with 4 weeks a year. I just prefer shift work or being able to take time to pursue other things going on in my life, and enjoy pediatrics a lot. I have read about peds hospitalist, is that common? Preliminary search of provincial physician job postings doesn't make it seem so. I'd even take a pay hit to have more off, but from what I understand if salaried that isn't really possible.
  5. Does doing international locums for a year affect your licensing in Canada? Or does having hours worked as a physician in the other country count towards staying licensed. Alternatively, I have heard of doctors taking a gap year after residency. Either before starting fellowship or work. I am just wondering how this actually works. Don't doctors have to work a certain amount of hours per year to stay licensed? Sorry two random questions I thought of