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  1. Has anyone heard anything regarding orientation dates for Dal OT? I know we start September 1st, but I am wondering if orientation is that weekend or if we have to be in Halifax any earlier? Thanks!
  2. Hello! Does anyone in Dal OT know if we have the summer off or if it is a full 2 year program that runs through the summer? From what I understand, we have a Fall, Winter and Spring term for the 2 years. I'm wondering if the Spring term refers to ~April through the summer, or if it just means April/May perhaps, implying we have the summer off. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know if there's a Dalhousie OT Class of 2020 facebook group yet? Excited for what's to come!
  4. Hey guys! I'm trying to figure out housing at Dal for OT. I'm looking at places around the School of OT on Forrest Rd as this seems to be the best bet. I'd love if anyone who knows Dal housing well or is in/was in Dal OT could send me a message and let me know what streets/areas are best to live on! Thanks in advance!