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  1. Thanks for the reply That's what I've been doing, I have the French Baccalauréat Scientifique with Highest Honours so that covers pretty much all A-levels requirements. I don't think that I'd get accepted in America because my OMSAS GPA will be 3.5/3.6 by the end of 3rd year and AMCAS 3.59ish. I'm an international here so it's basically impossible for me to get govt aid or student loans. I'll apply in the US anyway but I don't think that anything will come out of it. My whole family is not too far from the UK so I don't mind moving there permanently. What I'm concerned about is that if I apply to A101 programs, I'll be competing against PhD, MSc and people with a lot of experience. Would it be safer to only apply to A100 programs, with the added bonus of already having a BSc?
  2. Hi everyone! Is anyone here studying in the UK from Canada and has experience with graduate entry? I'm completing a BSc in biomed and a EU citizen and I'm considering going to the UK. My GPA is about 8/10 which would be 1st honors (not sure), 2:1 at least. I'm thinking about applying to Oxbridge, maybe Edinburgh and Birmingham. Has anyone had experience with these schools? I have clinical experience, a decent amount of ECs and starting research, and I don't know what my chances to get in are. I'm younger than the average student so if I applied to regular programs (with school leavers), I'd be about the same age as them. I'm a bit lost, should I apply to A100 or A101 programs? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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