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  1. Hey! I am looking for a roommate also for the fall! I am also in OT. I was hoping to see if there was available in the grad residence or that Platts estate on campus but I am open to living off campus!
  2. Hello! I have been accepted to OT for the 2020 class and wanted to join this Facebook group! My name is Emily DeMelo I clicked join but it is still pending. Thank you
  3. I just accepted my offer to Western and am looking for a place to live in London. I need a female roommate to live with! Message me if interested!
  4. Hello, I also accepted my offer to Western OT and am looking for a place to live in London. Have you found someone to live with yet? I was looking at the post grad residence on campus but I need a roommate to be able to afford it. Have you looked at that residence? Or have you found anything else?
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