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  1. Thank you again for the very helpful reply! Your points are clear and convincing, and I really appreciate it!
  2. Thank you for responding! What you wrote is very informative! I almost overlooked U of T and the EC opportunities big cities are able to offer. That is surely something new to think about! If I may ask, what do you think of Western's Med Sci programme in similar contexts?
  3. Thank you for responding! I am looking very very far down the road here hehe ...Now I know the reality. Like countless others, I would fight to the death to go to any Canadian med school. And I know it all eventually comes down to abilities and hard work. But say in one's wildest dreams... for the sake of discussion I know that McMaster Health Sci is the indisputable #1 undergrad programme for med-bound students in Canada and that Canadian doctors are trained to the same if not higher standards than American doctors. But I do hope to eventually go to a higher-tier med school in the US (Ivy whatnot; expenses, worth, and the actual relevancy of prestige aside for the sake of discussion) for a better chance of residency and employment in the US (Capitalism = $$, almost twice as much as Canadian counterparts after tax I believe?) From what you said, strictly speaking, it easier to get an AMCAS 4.0 at Western. If I may, I think perhaps the main question here is probably that, would I rather sacrifice a very good shot for Canadian Med school for a slightly better chance at US Ivy? I am just curious though; since McMaster is known for its inflation (which is a very good thing for Canadian med school), would its inflation be so "well-known" as to hurt your chances at top-tier US med school application? Also, how often do Canadian med school graduates find good residency in the US (such as JHU)?
  4. Since US medical school admission takes grade inflation into account, is it right to say Western Med Sci (for which 80% = 4.0 on the American GPA scale) would be a better option than Mac Health Sci if you plan to go to a US medical school?
  5. What are they this year, and where do you find information like this? Also, how does Western calculate IB grades (out of 45) for admissions? What would be a safe IB mark? Thanks
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