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    MMI Scenario #3:
    You have a physician friend who alongside other physicians started a company looking to develop medical courses. Your friend has admitted that they do not have much skill in terms of grammar, editing, and polishing PowerPoints. He said "not to worry lads, there's an untapped reservoir of premeds all looking to add something juicy to their CV. We can hire them for free because what other choice do they have! In fact, we can sit around and do nothing while they rummage through a textbook/papers and create the PowerPoints for us while we do nothing except collect the cheque!"
    You have decided to meet with your friend, enter the room and talk to him.  
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    universitaire bac complété... merci, j'ai déjà été acceptée à McGill
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    universitaire bac complété... merci, j'ai déjà été acceptée à McGill
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    Je vais décliner mon entrevue
    , Bonne chance à tous! 
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    sorry for the late post, been busy pinching myself and crying all day!!
    TIME STAMP: ~14h30 pm (heart attack since 9 am)
     Result: Admitted with condition !!!
    pre-reqGPA: 4,00 (redid my 4 basic pre-reqs at Athabasca, Thomson Rivers), old pre-req GPA was 3,01
    MCAT: Not submitted
    Feeling About MMI (please be mindful of NDA): This was my 4th time interviewing at McGill, so I felt confortable with the process (I could've basically rehearsed their ppt slide), so I was a lot more relaxed and went in there being 1000% authentic (cheesy I know but its true). Felt like I was great in 3 stations, 1 below average and the rest pretty average
    IP/OOP/International: IP
    Comment : I've been applying to med school for 7 years!!! This was my 4th interview at McGill, I was straight up refused all 3 cycles before being admitted this year with no WL. Anyone with refusals, I know it sucks, I know your hurt. You need to keep trying and you need to push through if this is what you want. If anyone wants to chat PM me!!!
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    Little late, but was overwhelmed with the joy and excitment during the day. 
    Sci GPA: approx 3.60 --> after retaking several courses. 
    6th application, 3rd interview - DO NOT GIVE UP. 
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    44332211 reacted to cardiomed in M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission   
    Wow that was one heck of a sleep. I fell asleep and just woke up!!!
    TIME STAMP: probably sometime during REM?!?
      Result: Admitted with condition !!!
    pre-reqGPA: 4.0
    MCAT: Not submitted
    Feeling About MMI : wow I walked out of there thinking I was destroyed. I thought I will be rejected for sure.
     IP/OOP/International: IP
     Comment : I am in tears. I am going to slap myself to make sure I am awake! 
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    I believe they're outlined here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/files/medadmissions/maaf-medicine-en-201909.pdf
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    5th time applying, 2nd time interviewing , IP
    Guys never fucking give up. I have two undergrads, I'm doing my masters, I redid 4 of my cegep classes (yes i was 25 and hustling it in cegep). 3,8 science GPA.
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    Accepted w/ condition!! Surreal.
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    44332211 reacted to DreMed in M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission   
    IP Refused  . It breaks my heart, I really thought this year would be my lucky year.
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    44332211 reacted to MEDusa in M.D., C.M. Accepted/Rejected/Waitlisted - Fall 2019 Admission   
    I got my refusal at 9:00.
    It's utterly devastating because we give it our all and seek every opportunity to improve ourselves on an academic and personal level, yet we still get disappointing news. 
    Being a doctor is all I have ever wanted since a long long time, and I worked so hard to get to where I am right now, but it's just not the right time yet. 
    To whomever will receive decieving news today, know that it's not a matter of your competence or capacities. We are all excellent and unique candidates, and a lot of factors come into play, such as luck or having a bad day. Do not lose sight of who you are and keep your chin up. 
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    I've been getting lots questions from people entering the new interview season. Most of the answers can be found in my original forum post, so I thought I'd give this a little bump to put it on people's radar. Hopefully it helps a few more people out!
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    44332211 reacted to tavenan in Toronto doctor loses licence after she admits to sexual relationship with cancer patient   
    Again I'm not sold on the premise that this relationship was consensual... Clearly a patient cannot give consent to the physician overseeing their treatment, it just doesn't work. It really doesn't matter how nice of a person she is, she showcases a pattern of reckless behaviour and a severe inability to apply critical thinking, traits that you really don't want to see in a physician. It very well could be a net positive for "society at large" that she lost her license.
    But at least I'm glad we all agree she should absolutely lose her license. I wish her well in other endeavours and hope she makes smarter decisions in the future. 
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    44332211 reacted to tavenan in Toronto doctor loses licence after she admits to sexual relationship with cancer patient   
    Everyone typing here is a medical student or a pre-med, so we're all naturally going to be nudged towards the physician's POV. But I think it's important to set aside our biases and consider other perspectives as well. In this case the physician got romantically involved with a patient, after some time abandoned the patient to become involved with a colleague, AND refused to further treat the patient. It isn't a stretch to say that this is emotionally manipulative behaviour, so I don't particularly have a problem with the language used in the hearing summary.
    And I'm not entirely convinced that a patient recently diagnosed with cancer can give consent to the physician overseeing their treatment, so I also have a problem with your characterization of the relationship. Overall we need to stop giving the benefit of the doubt to the physician here because she has displayed a remarkable lack of judgement and frankly reckless behaviour. 
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    44332211 reacted to tavenan in Toronto doctor loses licence after she admits to sexual relationship with cancer patient   
    Lol what are these comments. Imagine if this was a male physician or a less attractive female. Don't let the halo effect blind you, this is an open and shut case, she should lose her license. Don't sleep with patients, and a personal rule for me, don't date classmates or colleagues (the former is obviously infinitely more problematic than the latter). In this case this physician broke both rules as she broke off a relationship with a patient to start a new one with a colleague... Really have to question her decision making here. 
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    44332211 reacted to #YOLO in Toronto doctor loses licence after she admits to sexual relationship with cancer patient   
    LOL at how yall are sympathizin with her
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    44332211 reacted to Comprehensible in excuse my ignorance   
    I wrote mine in Rochester, because the next closest one to southern Ontario was Winnipeg!
    It really doesn't matter where you write it, the only difference was the "no guns allowed in the testing center" sign on the wall.
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    44332211 reacted to Edict in Why do people want this so bad ?   
    I think theres a lot of doubts in every profession. I sometimes browse other professional forums and see career switchers all the time. One of the reasons you see a lot of dissatisfied people in medicine is because its a career that requires so much sacrifice in the beginning and the rewards don't really come until later, so if there are any people who are dissatisfied, they find it very challenging to switch,  which means the only way to vent is to be somewhat dissatisfied. Additionally, with medicine, your skill set is not easily transferable to other professions. 
    In other fields, the rewards come as you go, and people who are dissatisfied are unlikely to advance in these careers, so people make career move switches with ease. Medicine requires a leap of faith, you essentially need to commit to it before you have even experienced it. Most people don't really experience the grind until mid residency. I think everyone goes through something of a initial grind phase in premed, which you are usually passionate enough to get through, a honeymoon period when you enter medical school, a gradual settling back to reality in clerkship a smaller bump in first year of residency then a gradual decline until one becomes staff. Then it varies, the grind continues in academics, whereas in community most people settle into some sort of grove, but generally people are happier as staff. 
    Personally, i try to keep my expectations lower, ultimately, its a job like any other and its important to keep reminding yourself that. As far as most careers are concerned, medicine is really a top job. 
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    44332211 reacted to Madmedicine in To anyone who is struggling with their dreams of becoming a doctor   
    I want you guys to know that you’re going to make it. I am a current second-year medical student and I’ve been reading a lot of the posts on here about struggling with school  and grades. I notice a lot of you guys are obviously and understandably concerned and scared about your future. And I completely understand that many of you guys are feeling, at times, helpless, as though there is not going to be a light at the end of this tunnel.  I’m here to tell you guys that there is. Getting into medical school is an accomplishment. It takes hard work, it takes a lot of grit, and most importantly it takes a lot of desire because this field is going to take a lot from you. That’s why it’s so difficult to get into medical school. Just because you guys might be struggling right now doesn’t mean you won’t succeed in the long run.
     I promise you, everyone  Who has become a physician  has felt what you were feeling at some point or another. Even I felt that when I was in undergrad. I always wondered if I would get in, if I was good enough, and if I even had a chance because I was constantly comparing myself to my competition. The thing is, it’s really easy to get discouraged especially want to comes to being a premed.  if you only compare yourself to others, you’ll never win. You need to compare yourself to you.  You need to improve yourself. One thing that helps is telling yourself you will get in!  I constantly questioned myself but I always told myself I would make it. Even when I was at my lowest point, I tried my best to remind myself to push through it because I would succeed! It was hard but it was necessary. 
    If ever you need a word of encouragement, hit me up here or on my YouTube channel (msg me for the name). The problem with premeds and the premed society is that we don’t support each other. We need to help each other succeed, whether it be with kind words of support or advice or by helping a fellow studying who’s struggling. Trust me, it makes being a premed bearable for everyone! 
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    This thread is annoying, but I can't help opening it... 
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    si tu sais que tu as du mal a organiser ton temps pourquoi voudrais-tu travailler en meme temps quue tes etudes? personnellement je crois pas que c'est une bonne idee, tu auras l'occasion de travailler durant l'ete et remplir ton CV d'une autre facon comme faire du benevolat etc, selon moi,  ta moyenne est plus importante...plus ta moyenne est haute, plus tu as des chances.
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    good luck!
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    good luck!
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