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    Is it worth Applying?

    yes, apply! if the application fee isn't too much for you. I believe there have been people around that cGPA that have been invited for interview (especially with CASPer being 20%). You never know unless you try
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    okay thanks
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    Would they still be able to submit it online before Dec 1st or would they have to mail it?
  4. alokozay

    Science Prerequisites

    OMSAS application under School Submissions > Ottawa > Prerequisites (drop down menu)
  5. alokozay

    Science Prerequisites

    You should call them and confirm. I know that math (statistics for eg) and psychology courses are definitely accepted but NOT language courses....it sounds like that course may fulfill their requirement. They are usually quick to respond so I recommend you e-mail or call them to check
  6. Also, Quebec has been cutting down on medical school spots (provincial politics) so that could explain why GPA is rising....not sure about Ontario, could be more applicants applying and CASPer is definitely becoming less of a hurdle.. unfortunately the trend does suggest that average GPA is increasing...we'll have to see what this cycle looks like to see if this will be the new norm
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    french casper prep

    envoie moi un message
  8. Can confirm it's competitively looked at- I called and asked
  9. Anyone writing the french casper and would like to practice scenarios together?
  10. alokozay

    GPA >> Cote r

    Bonjour a tous, Je suis tres nouveau ici et j'ai des questions sur les criteres d'admission et le processus de demande en medicine. je suis un resident du NB et mon cGPA est 3.75/4 mais je sais pas si mon GPA est assez bon....J'aimerais postuler a Sherbrooke (le site de Moncton en fait). est-ce que quelqu'un peut me donner de conseils? merci
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    test casper

    je crois qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup des examens pratiques en francais donc tu peux regarder des videos en anglais et puis repondre aux questions en francais...
  12. Wow. First of all, I'm so sorry to hear that you are going through that. Sounds like you have a difficult supervisor. Did he respond back to you regarding submitting the letter then rescinding it if there are issues with your paper, although, I also think that is a little harsh. Have you spoken to other members of your lab about this? They might have more experience with your supervisor and perhaps know of ways that could get to him. Otherwise, I suggest you speak to a conflict center in your university and explain your situation. They have experience with many difficult situations and might give you some helpful advice. Another suggestion I can give you if to put down your admin/lab colleagues/ committee members as verifiers as each of those could be able to verify various aspects of your applications. If your supervisor remains adamant about refusing to write you a letter, there is not much you can do except forfeit UofT and focus on other schools that don't necessarily require a LOR from your direct supervisor. Best of luck in your situation
  13. alokozay