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    In desperate need of advice

    You definitely have a chance! Many schools will look at your top two years or last two years (Western/Queens) provided that you took a full course load in each of those years (5 full credits). Some other schools will take into account all undergrad courses (Mac) so those may be a little harder to overcome your previous university courses. Ottawa has a special weighted formula (essntially taking your last 3 years into account). If you qualify for any residency outside of Ontario, that could also help you depending on the province. All in all, you definitely have a shot if you take your new program seriously, so don't give up hope. my advice to you would be to try your best to maintain a full course load from now on. Good luck!
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    Casper October 23rd

    take casper says results delivered but nothing yet on minerva..
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    Started a channel... if you're interested LMK. :)

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    item outstanding

    thank you
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    item outstanding

    Hi, Just to verify - even if all documents have been uploaded & academic workbook sent it, MINERVA still says "items outstanding" , due to my CASPer (done Oct 23). Just want to make sure that's OK, and that technically it will update on its own and that my application is complete (there is no submission button - correct?) Thanks in advance.
  6. I second this, but make sure you take a full course load in those two years, which I believe is requirement for Western... if you can pull >3.8 in your last two years, Queen's may open up.
  7. alokozay

    Maximum file size

    you can use a pdf compressor online, that should work
  8. Wouldn't you be competitive for Western, even with your current GPA? If you took a full course load in each of your top two years (3.8 and 3.65) then you're 2 year gpa would be > 3.7 which makes you competitive, as your MCAT score is great ( i would not retake and risk a 130). Maybe someone else can chime in here...
  9. alokozay

    Is it worth Applying?

    yes, apply! if the application fee isn't too much for you. I believe there have been people around that cGPA that have been invited for interview (especially with CASPer being 20%). You never know unless you try
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    okay thanks
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    Would they still be able to submit it online before Dec 1st or would they have to mail it?
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    Science Prerequisites

    OMSAS application under School Submissions > Ottawa > Prerequisites (drop down menu)
  13. alokozay

    Science Prerequisites

    You should call them and confirm. I know that math (statistics for eg) and psychology courses are definitely accepted but NOT language courses....it sounds like that course may fulfill their requirement. They are usually quick to respond so I recommend you e-mail or call them to check
  14. Also, Quebec has been cutting down on medical school spots (provincial politics) so that could explain why GPA is rising....not sure about Ontario, could be more applicants applying and CASPer is definitely becoming less of a hurdle.. unfortunately the trend does suggest that average GPA is increasing...we'll have to see what this cycle looks like to see if this will be the new norm