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  1. Check the 'Document Tracking' section! If they're not there, send a message to OMSAS through SAM. They're usually pretty prompt at responding. Hope that helps!
  2. @PopShoppe to quickly chime in - this year you will be considered a grad applicant at U of T! They've changed their admission requirements slightly so that if you have a course-based master's conferred at the time of application, you'll be in that pool. https://applymd.utoronto.ca/domestic-requirements --> you can check under the graduate tab As someone with similar stats and also a re-applicant, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for us
  3. Hey! I asked the admissions office a similar question and this was the response I got back: Please indicate the date of your new test only on your application. If you release your scores to Dalhousie we will be able to access all test scores and will of course take the higher scores for your file. So my guess is that Dal assesses all the MCAT scores some time in Sept and can automatically select your highest. I hope that answers your question!
  4. I think it went up to 128. Many of the rejects (including myself) have a 127 in CARS
  5. Did any OOP receive invites today? Or should we assume all the OOP invites have been sent out already and let this ship sail....
  6. Ugh so much for a holistic review for OOPs Hopefully we hear something next week!
  7. When is it likely for OOP applicants who may have undergone the full file review to hear about interviews? I don't think I qualify for an automatic interview based on my stats but I thought my essays and a master's degree would give me some leverage
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