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  1. Very interesting. I guess I'll just keep applying for OSAP after all then, thank you for all this info!!
  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! Here is the post I was referring to, and I just realized that you were the one who started the thread! Haha This poster is saying that the "base" grant covers a substantial amount (7.5k out of a 15k tuition), and that receiving grants during undergrad "burns" this off. Since it doesn't depend on family income, do you know how much the "needs-based" component might offer to medical students without a job?
  3. Thank you for the response, but I'm still a bit confused about how these two components actually work. Could you please confirm if my understanding is correct? So each time I apply for OSAP, I would receive both the "base" and "needs-based" components as two separate grants (assuming I haven't exhausted them). Since the base component only depends on family income, it wouldn't matter whether I used it during undergrad, where my tuition is 8k, or in med school ,where my tuition would be 15k. On the other-hand, the needs-based component actually does depend on my tuition cost, but will still be available for a long time, so I shouldn't have to worry about using it. If this was true, was the other poster in that other thread mistaken about the idea of "using up" grants, or is there something I'm still missing?
  4. Also, does anybody have any idea how the new provincial government might affect OSAP, if at all?
  5. Hey guys, I recently came across a thread about the new OSAP, in which one poster mentioned that medical students are only eligible for grants IF they didn't use them up during undergrad. From what I understand, it seems that OSAP only offers grants to students for a lifetime maximum of 8 semesters (or 4 years) in any post-secondary program. Because of this, I was wondering if it might be wise to avoid applying for OSAP as a second year student only in my undergrad, so that I can retain my eligibility for grants in med school when I need it most. (I know this is a huge assumption because of the uncertainty of getting in, but I'd rather take that risk if this is actually true) Can anybody please clarify this or offer any insight? Links to thread and OSAP info: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/96366-osap-med-school/ http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/eopg/publications/osap-faq-adult-en.pdf