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    Exceptions to full time requirement?

    I know of students who had PT degrees for good reasons who got exemptions. Which is great because that was a stupid requirement that mostly only selected for high parental income. Afaik it’s case by case though. Wrt your other question, non degree courses do count in your GPA. McGill calculates the gpa using its own calculation with the grades you enter into the worksheet.
  2. Candidacy is restricted to research doctorates after completing the qualifying exam. Using 'MD Candidate' makes the bearer either seem like they don't understand what a candidate is, or that they have an exaggerated opinion about themselves. Since it's a bit pea-brained to signal ignorance and/or brag to complete strangers, I think it's more prudent to write (if anything at all): Name, graduate degree if you have one (MSc, PhD, etc) MD Student, phone
  3. doctor_snow

    MD Financial 2018 Backpacks?

    Serious question...why do people like these backpacks? Because they are free? Because they signal we are med students? Or...?
  4. Does anyone know the value of this scholarship? I know it says varies. So I'm asking if anyone knows someone who received it and what the value is.
  5. doctor_snow

    Applying while doing masters?

    Historical reasons alone. Lots of people write "Name, MD, CM, MPH" etc... to help remind others that the MDCM =MD. But you don't have to, it's equivalent.
  6. doctor_snow

    Graduate housing

    Montreal housing is so cheap and nice. There's really no need to use McGill housing, which is neither cheap nor nice. Look on craigslist or kijiji for nice places near campus. Most people love le plateau.
  7. doctor_snow

    Biochemistry Honours vs. IHI

    They really won't care. Choose what you like more because it's more likely you'll do well and, if you don't get in, have something to fall back on you actually like.
  8. doctor_snow

    Exceptions to full time requirement?

    The NTP pathway is for exceptions to that requirement. AFAIK, new this year, if you have an advanced degree, you can request an exemption and be considered in the baccalaureate rather than the NTP stream. Exception 2 here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/categories/roq/ntp
  9. doctor_snow

    Physics Science Pre-Requisites

    The problem isn't getting to interview, but moving beyond that; NTPs interview very well. They tend to be advanced in their careers (lawyers, scientists, journalists) who are therefore well-practiced at interviewing and general 'people' skills (getting along well with difficult people, teamwork, etc). Moreover, they are selected exclusively based on interview. So you get one of those coveted 17 slots...but then have to be in the top 1-3 as measured by MMI to be selected. That's like 2-3 spaces per 160 applicants. Horrifying odds. Those selected tend to be exceptionally polished socially, extroverted, superb communicators etc....
  10. doctor_snow

    3.7 GPA

    It's more of an uphill battle but it is possible, yes. I know several and I myself had below a 3.5. My application was competitive in other ways.