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    I think most premeds at some point do feel anxious or overwhelmed by this process, I know I certainly do. However I think at some point we all need to recognize if we have crossed a line from pushing our selves to reach our goals to letting that goal become all consuming. Through the last couple of years as I have started to look for opportunities that I'm passionate about I've really come through a point where I feel so proud of where this journey has taken me - regardless of an acceptance. I tell you this because as I read through some of your previous posts it sounds like you are a little lost right now. I have found a small bit of calmness in this crazy ride trying to get accepted knowing that I feel as though I have grown tremendously from my extracurricular activities and that has really helped ground me. My advice would be to understand why you are doing all this work. "To get into medical school" is a huge goal and can feel a long ways away. I prefer to think of the immediate effects I'm having on both my life and the lives of others through my work. I also want to add that seeking professional counselling can really help in times like this, even if you only go for a few sessions. While I never saw a counselor because I was feeling suicidal, there were certainly times throughout my undergrad where I felt completely out of control of my life and extremely overwhelmed. I spoke with a school counselor a few times and she really helped me by guiding me through ways to manage my stress and also putting the situation into perspective.
  2. Does anyone know if UofT only considers GPA after it's been weighted for the cut-off? Pre-weighted I have a GPA of less than the cut-off 3.6, but with the weighting applied it rises significantly ~3.88. I'm not eligible to apply with a GPA less than 3.6, so I was wondering if I will still be considered? Thanks!
  3. I'm an engineering student and have taken a few co-op terms throughout my degree. Included in my most recent two years is one co-op term, and therefore I didn't take the required minimum courses that year to be considered a full time year. Every other semester that wasn't a co-op term I have either taken 6 or 7 courses which I think is pretty indicative that I haven't been trying to take a slack course load. Am I still eligible for the 2yr GPA calculation?