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  1. Do you mind posting your stats in the other thread for anyone applying in the next couple of years. Thankssss
  2. Do you mind posting your stats for us applying next year? Especially your mcat score, would be really nice!
  3. thanks Neurophiliac! I am just dreading next week.... its so nerve wracking
  4. hmm.. that's interesting. I am very nervous for next week and especially considering I have only had 1 verifier contacted. I also applied to a different stream, MD/PhD so I dont know if I would also get a response at the same time? does anyone know?
  5. oh wow, may I ask how many verifiers you have already gotten contacted? Perhaps they were curious?
  6. Same!! I’m so happy.. also they said dec 10, thats so nice that they actually told us when to expect it
  7. ugh, this is painful lol I completely understand that its part of the process but would be so nice if we just got the update email at least.
  8. also, i doubt there is a huge difference in number of applicants
  9. that doesnt make sense because the people who applied early would have to come first, which means tomorrow would be regular deadline.. I feel...
  10. Me too, I wish they would just update us already. It feels like either they have had too many applicants or not enough man power...
  11. I’ve only had 1 so far... but I haven’t asked everyone I put down as a verifier if they have been contacted. Wonder if this is weird...
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