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  1. How’d you guys feel about your writing sample portion of the interview day? Maybe they rejected ppl that didn’t get a pass on the writing sample?
  2. Has anybody gotten high or low waitlisted this year?
  3. mothernature

    Waitlist Tier Email Wording?

    Same with me, I’m hoping they changed it or else it means we’re on the medium waitlist.
  4. mothernature

    Reference contact?

    I heard that some ppl's references were contacted pre-interview but mine weren't as far as I know. I haven't heard of them contacting references post-interview.
  5. mothernature

    Bad interview

    I don't think anyone really knows now. I asked this question a while back and I was told that a long time ago it was 50% interview, 25% GPA, 25% MCAT. This was like 10 years ago or something though so maybe now it's like 50% interview, 16.6% GPA, 16.6% MCAT and now 16.6% aABS but I just made that up so it's probably completely wrong lol. I also emailed Schulich to ask this but they never replied. tl;dr - nobody knows
  6. If your two best years are each over 3.7, you could still have a chance for Western (so if you just happened to do super bad in two of the other years). Or potentially if you had one year of 3.7 you could do a "special year" for Western to get over 3.7 which would just be one extra undergrad year.
  7. Update: they replied to my email and said it was a mistake and there is no bonus for a grad degree. They updated their dentistry FAQ and somehow that question ended up in the medicine FAQ by mistake.
  8. Am I trippin or is this new? It's from the FAQs on Schulich's site. I never knew there was a bonus for a grad degree. also the next FAQ below it says having a grad degree doesn't increase chance of acceptance...: I haven't slept much so idk if I'm just missing something obvious or if these are contradicting each other. Has anyone heard of a grad degree bonus before?
  9. I know a PhD who was denied two weeks ago too.
  10. mothernature

    Bad interview

    yeah maybe I just didn't notice though but I feel like I would have seen it if there was one. It's hard with the inconsistency b/c ppl's biases will always play a role and some ppl will always be harder markers than others even if there is a strict rubric. It's shitty that your fate can be (even at least partially) dependent on someone's subjectivity but we just have to live with it and try to distract ourselves until may 14.
  11. mothernature

    Bad interview

    I didn’t have a stopwatch. I guess just some rooms did.
  12. I assumed each panel just did the 4 timeslots during the day they were involved.
  13. mothernature

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    @M.ScGHOST Depends on your last two years of undergrad, you could be fine for UWO, Queen's and Dal.
  14. I wrote an academic explanations essay too. Two of my other friends who wrote them haven’t heard anything. Four of my friends who didn’t write them got interviews. This is probably just because they had higher gpa so they didn’t have to write them (and got interviews b/c their high gpa contributed) and this is a v small sample size but I’m kind of curious now if they do those who wrote AEE near the end? Probably not, but has anybody who wrote an AEE got an interview so far?
  15. mothernature

    raising your GPA after undergrad?

    If you're going to do this I would look into how different schools look at a year after graduation so you're eligible for most schools. E.g. Western considers this a "special year" and you must take 5.0 courses and can't take 1st year courses, etc, they have some other rules.