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  1. mothernature

    FAQ: What are my chances?

    @M.ScGHOST Depends on your last two years of undergrad, you could be fine for UWO, Queen's and Dal.
  2. I wrote an academic explanations essay too. Two of my other friends who wrote them haven’t heard anything. Four of my friends who didn’t write them got interviews. This is probably just because they had higher gpa so they didn’t have to write them (and got interviews b/c their high gpa contributed) and this is a v small sample size but I’m kind of curious now if they do those who wrote AEE near the end? Probably not, but has anybody who wrote an AEE got an interview so far?
  3. mothernature

    raising your GPA after undergrad?

    If you're going to do this I would look into how different schools look at a year after graduation so you're eligible for most schools. E.g. Western considers this a "special year" and you must take 5.0 courses and can't take 1st year courses, etc, they have some other rules.
  4. mothernature


    I agree @MitralLunar. Someone else just posted some studies on this forum, suggesting that women perform better in MMIs, so that could be true in MPI too? Women get better interview scores so more get in, it just seems that UofT doesn't actively try to change this and make it even between genders. Which is good, they should be taking the best applicants.
  5. I doubt standing out is going to help your interview. There could be some unconscious bias if they like what you're wearing but from what I've heard, the committee who decides who is admitted is different than those people who are interviewing you, so it's not like they will remember you. I'm just wearing what I feel most confident in. Going for the look good, feel good approach lol.
  6. awesome, thank you! I heard there are tours, other than that are there any presentations or anything or do you just sign in, wait in waiting room, do interview, then do writing summary, then go home?
  7. Yeah, I saw they got rid of it after the add/drop period but I think I read somewhere that it will open up again a week or 2 before your interview for you to print it off. I don't remember where I saw that though so maybe email them to double check.
  8. I was just wondering if anyone had any comments who had their interview this past weekend (March 2nd/3rd) at Western. Any surprises (not about the questions, I just mean overall)? Anyone go the socials on Fri/Sat night? How does the day go? Overall experience? etc. Thanks!
  9. mothernature

    Western Post-interview Score

    For anybody wondering, I think the numbers came from this doc: http://uoitdcpremed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2018-AdmissionRequirements_en.pdf If you do the math on the data from page 41, you get similar numbers to what ysera said.
  10. mothernature

    Western Post-interview Score

    Oh interesting, where did you get those numbers (258 and 260) from the past two years?
  11. mothernature

    Western Post-interview Score

    Does anyone know if the Dean's report numbers are after waitlist movement? For e.g. when it says X number of SWOMEN students got accepted who interviewed. Is this the number of students who were accepted after all waitlist movement or just accepted initially (before any waitlist acceptances)? Thanks
  12. np! I wanted to stay in Toronto b/c my PI wants a high impact paper from my MSc work so I'm still working on publishing it throughout the special year. Also, I had an amazing deal on a nice condo lol. I tried Ryerson first, it's near my lab but they said they didn't have any program that I could do where I could take any courses like that (but this is before I knew about the requirement to be in non-degree studies so I didn't look into that, they may have non-degree studies). To be completely honest, my friends who did undergrad in science at UofT all seem to regret it b/c it did some damage on their GPA, so I wasn't down for that b/c this special year is really my last chance. I chose York b/c it was the only one left in Toronto. I'm not trying to make enemies on here but I'm not a huge fan of York. I find the campus kinda dark and not very inviting (except a couple of newer buildings). They definitely give you a million opportunities to do well though (bonus marks and basically free marks, not very much content to study), much nicer on the GPA than Western was (this could also be because I have gotten better at critical thinking, time management, etc from the MSc though).
  13. Ok I gotchu. I am in a similar situation but one year after you. So I did my undergrad (UWO) then MSc (UofT) now I’m in my special year (York). I applied this past September and have an interview coming up in March. To answer your last question, the special year can be at any school. You might want to email to ask so you have it in writing though. As far as I’m aware, you can’t be accepted conditionally if you’re not in the special year at the time of applying. In other words, you must be enrolled in full time classes (in the special year) while you’re applying. Let me know if I’m misunderstanding your question. It would be conditional on you finishing that special year with a full course load and a min gpa of 3.7 (and the other requirements, see their website under special year) 3 things to be careful of: 1. Western changed this year, adding the essays. Making the cutoffs no longer guarantees an interview, you have to write 8 decent essays (I saw some swomen students with really high gpa and mcats who weren’t invited for interviews). Not trying to discourage at all, but keep in mind there is a bit of risk with the special year if it only helps you for Western. 2. Western says you must be in non-degree studies for the special year. OSAP says you have to be in degree studies to get OSAP. So you can’t get OSAP or any of the grants that they offer bc for all those you must be eligible for OSAP. This was a big risk for me bc my family doesn’t have a lot of money and I wasn’t exactly rich after grad school. So I’m banking on this interview going well. 3. The admissions committee didn’t realize I was in a special year and originally denied me and said I didn’t make the gpa cutoff. I emailed back explaining my confusing academic history and the special year and they apologized and invited me for an interview. Just double check! Let me know if you have any more questions, I have never met anyone else in this situation so I’d be happy to answer questions for you!
  14. mothernature

    Matching Slots Full

    Yeah, thank you I got it switched this morning!
  15. Okay cool, thanks. So the admission committee isn't the same as ppl who interview? Maybe just some of those who did interviews make up a smaller admissions committee? or is it a group of completely separate people? I was always curious as to how this worked.