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    What is this thread tho
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    I emailed Norma about the Schulich scholarship, she said some have gone out already but most haven’t. She said they will all prob be out by the end of August. I think there’s 16 of them.
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    a pdf that came with my offer email says june 10th
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    Naw,  0/3
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    I believe they changed it as they give out actual rejections now (me), not just low waitlist. So I wouldn't worry. 
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to betterlattethannever in Waitlist Tier Email Wording?   
    yeah i thought western used to only send out "low" waitlist as rejections but not actual rejections.. but someone posted that they got straight up rejected this year. maybe things have changed?
    just trying to stay positive at this point 
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    GOOD LUCK TOMMOROW!! I wish you all the best
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to warthog in May 14 Countdown   
    It kind of feels weird knowing that in less than 24 hours, the trajectory of my life could be drastically different. 
    On the other hand, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck!!! Regardless of the result, you took on this process. You committed to every step, and you made it this far — there are many that didn’t! 

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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to PotatoPotato in May 14 Countdown   
    Best of luck tomorrow everybody and thank you for the company you definitely helped me stay a little more sane and a lot less alone. I hope you all hear some good news tomorrow and whatever happens, you've all done an amazing job working hard over the years, putting your best application forward and waiting through this crazy process. 
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    Kawhi Leonard is my daddy
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to Instagrammar in TD Student Line of Credit Amazon Offer   
    With a 325 M line of credit, I think this will really augment the self-care aspect of medical school. We can all agree that every student needs their own private jet and yacht to succeed #self-care. Right now, I just could not picture taking anything less than 400 million for my line of credit, but with the 500$ Amazon card, I am tempted to settle for a lowly 325 million LOC. I guess the penthouse I wanted will just need to wait. 
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    That game took a few years off of my life but yay they did it!
    Now everyone not named Kawhi needs to go put up 500 shots before the next game because all the open looks they missed was infuriating. 
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    Raptors better win today or the wait is going to be that much more painful  
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to MitralLunar in Premed101 Average 2Y GPA and MCAT for accepted Non-SWOMEN (data inside)   
    10 years ago, the post-interview score was comprised of 50% interview 25% GPA and 25% MCAT. Now, I don't know if they still use that same weighting esp. with the introduction for aABS but don't be surprised if they use GPA competitively as pretty much all med schools do it.
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    Why is time passing by so slowly 
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to rmorelan in Schulich - Grad Degree Bonus Points??   
    Ha, good catch though - and now they can update their system to be more accurate. 
    I was surprised to see that as they haven ever had any sort of bonus for grad before and it doesn't fit their philosophy to have one either.  Not that having a grade degree isn't useful for western - it just isn't that direct of a bonus. 
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    unduhkuvahbruddah got a reaction from Instagrammar in Schulich - Grad Degree Bonus Points??   
    Update: they replied to my email and said it was a mistake and there is no bonus for a grad degree. They updated their dentistry FAQ and somehow that question ended up in the medicine FAQ by mistake.
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to isitlunchtimeyet in Schulich - Grad Degree Bonus Points??   
    Highlight in the first screenshot is saying they'll give you points for a grad degree when reviewing your application. Second screenshot is saying they don't care about your grad marks for your GPA. They don't contradict each other.
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    unduhkuvahbruddah got a reaction from blueciel in deleted   
    yeah maybe I just didn't notice though but I feel like I would have seen it if there was one. It's hard with the inconsistency b/c ppl's biases will always play a role and some ppl will always be harder markers than others even if there is a strict rubric. It's shitty that your fate can be (even at least partially) dependent on someone's subjectivity but we just have to live with it and try to distract ourselves until may 14.
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    I didn't have a stopwatch either! 
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to h2flow in Are Interview Scores Standardized?   
    yeah, i don't see how normalization could be justified if each assessor only sees a miniscule fraction of the applicant pool
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    unduhkuvahbruddah reacted to Time Lord in UofT 2019 Application Discussion Thread   
    One would think that they have an efficient algorithm or even a simple macro in an excel sheet that can highlight students who don't make the cut offs in their respective category, and send mass refusals, but I guess one would be wrong  
    Re Academic Explanation Essay: myself and a peer of mine have written one. She has received an interview offer for March 30th, I am still waiting to know my fate. We have similar GPA, and MCAT scores (my score is a bit higher), we both had very compelling extenuating circumstances to elaborate on in our AEE, we're both Torontonians, currently at McGill (so in province students living outside). As a scientist, we're trained to look for trends, I have thus far detected very little here  
    As the English say: Keep calm and carry on! 
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