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  1. Not sure if it was first round, as I remember someone posting on the forum that they were accepted a couple of days before me. I received my acceptance mid-late June last year.
  2. I got my acceptance through my ualberta email! I'm IP, so apply alberta automatically sent my transcripts.
  3. Can confirm that it is not all about GPA. The first time I applied, I had a GPA around 3.6, but my interview and LOI were really bad Last year, I really polished up my LOI. Although my interview was still bad, I got accepted quite early. Having a low GPA definitely doesn't disqualify you if you make up for it with your supplementary materials!
  4. I want to link a post that was made last year regarding full courseloads: http://forums.premed101.com/topic/97901-official-university-of-alberta-2018-pharmacy-applicants-class-of-2022/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-1100261 No guarantees, especially since admission criteria can change from year to year, but from my personal experience, the post seems very accurate.
  5. A little late, but a popup with the names of users who have posted on the thread should show up after you hit "@" and type a couple more letters. You'd then select the name you want.
  6. I think it's hard to evaluate the student files before interview invites need to be sent out. IIRC interview invites were sent out in April. That might not give the admission committee enough to review the LOI, which was due in March (that is, if they review it before June). Transcripts for the current academic year aren't sent out until May after final marks come out, so it's nearly impossible to evaluate pGPA or most recent 2 years fairly for all applicants. Also, since it's a short video based interview, the admission committee doesn't have much to lose by sending out invites to everyone.
  7. @InterinPharm Not sure about average GPA, but we were told that the minimum incoming GPA was 3.3-3.4 at orientation. Not sure if this was cGPA, pGPA, or most recent 2 years. @zoonoticpathogen LethyPharm is right, it seems that all applicants receive an interview and pre-requisites, LOI, and GPA are checked later. I also feel that this makes it harder for applicants to know what their chances are, but it definitely makes sense from the faculty's point of view!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm a first-year pharmacy student. I've only been through one semester of pharmacy, so there are lots of things I don't know, but I can certainly answer any questions you have about the application. @Daria.Strel For your interview, some tips would be to dress professionally (blazers work wonders), have some water to drink between questions, and pick day/time you're feeling mentally prepared and confident to do it. The oral component of my interview went somewhat poorly, so I'm not sure how helpful I can be there For your letter of intent, demonstrating knowledge of the profession is #1. Hint: Pharmacists do a lot more than counting pills! I hope that helps somewhat. Good luck to all of you! You've got this
  9. I wouldn't worry about scheduling for now, Anjela told me that steps for class registration would be given to us with the welcome package at the end of the month. @Boboeat Unfortunately, that also means we probably can't use beartracks as a means of tracking seats right now. Rooting for you tho!
  10. Can anyone confirm we won't have any classes or rotations to do in spring/summer of first year? I'm trying to figure out whether I should accept my 11 month contract for res! Any advice is appreciated
  11. I don't think there is supposed to be a charge on your account. I just paid the $175 deposit despite there being no outstanding fees. 3 days later, Anjela confirmed that the faculty recieved my deposit and enrolled me into the program officially.
  12. Happy Canada day everyone! And congrats to those who were just admitted. For those who are attending another school, does anyone know how the transfer process works? I'm still registered at UoC, but I don't know when one would usually talk to the registrar to get transferred or if I should wait for more paperwork.
  13. @Pharm1812 Last year, people got an email to their u of a email saying there was a change to their beartracks application status if they were rejected. Your beartracks should say either "not competitive" or "program full" if you're rejected iirc. Unfortunately, the faculty takes a while to begin rejecting applications. It was mid July for me last year. But some people were also admitted early July! Hope that helps!
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